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EquiNatural, as NATURE intended - #weloveorganic

NATURE has always been at the core of the horse's physiological self, with a bounty of herbs and botanicals to forage on ... natural anti-inflammatories and pain support, gut balancers, immune stimulants, hormonal balancers, calmers ... you name it, nature provides it in abundance!

Natures finest EQUINE HERBAL NUTRITION - #weloveorganic


Essential equine mineral solutions - EQUIVITA & VITACOMPLETE

No synthetic minerals or added iron here! #engineeredbyequinatural

Why the 'Natural' in EquiNatural?

"Diseases don't just happen. There is always a root cause. You can't expect to create vibrant, optimal health without identifying and addressing the root cause."

Dr Mark Hyman, American physician, NY Times best-selling author, founder and medical director of The UltraWellness Centre, Institute of Functional Medicine

An organism's in-built intelligence, whether horse or human, will naturally try to fight anything it regards as foreign or toxic, because if it becomes overburdened with toxicity, the body's cells become damaged.

This eventually leads to chronic systemic inflammation, which means the body's army of immune cells and its natural - and very sophisticated - detox system (liver/kidneys/lymph nodes) will struggle to do their job. And so begins dis-ease, meaning that the body is 'ill at ease', making getting better that much harder.

Back in 2006, when my herd of horses collectively became very sick due to our then-unrecognised toxic environment, I didn't know this. Neither did my vet, so I had to figure it out myself. Over time, and a whole lot of studying, I learned how - and why - their health had become so compromised.

It’s sadly too easy for us not to connect how our horse is feeling with how we feed and manage them, and how their environment can affect them. Once we understand these vital connections, it’s so easy for us to change our approach to these important factors - we just have to know what steps to take.

Here at EquiNatural we now have many vets, equine practitioners, training establishments and charities worldwide using our services for horses across all disciplines. With us, you can also be assured that stringent organic practices ensure the highest quality, contaminant-free, nutritionally-regenerative products to harness the optimum health benefits for your horse.

Wishing your horse the very best of health,

Carol Moreton, Founder, EquiNatural Ltd

Naturally engineered and energised by nature

Herbs are nutrient-rich, functional plant foods

Phytochemicals are one of the most important aspects of nutrition. ⁣⁣They nutritionally cleanse and tone the body as they nourish it, supporting the body's own natural healing ability, just as nature intended.

Our UK grasslands are known to be deficient in many essential minerals

Many chronic health conditions are due to unbalanced micronutrients. Changes in the grass chemistry cause changes in our horse's chemistry, adversely affecting their biological function.

"When diet is wrong, medicine is of no use. When diet is right, medicine is of no need."

"The only way to fix your horse is to help them return to their natural state. Feeding your horse in a manner that is contrary to their innate physiological needs is making their body scream for help." Juliet Getty, Getty Nutrition

The content in this website is intended as a sharing of knowledge and information from our own research over the decades, together with clients' experiences and our own personal experience over 5-decades of horse care. This website is not about medical advice, but more to enlighten towards a more naturopathic approach to support a healthy lifestyle for our horses. Any information contained within is not intended as a substitute or replacement of veterinary or other professional advice, and I would encourage anyone to make their own equine healthcare decisions based upon their own research.

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