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Welcome to EquiNatural

Healing is a process that always starts with stabilisation. Until the body's stable it cannot heal. The body needs to detoxify and remove the roadblocks. The body also needs to get the nutrients that it needs to repair itself. When you have this combination in place the body can truly being to heal.

Dr Nuzum, Doctor of Naturopathic Medicine, Doctor of Indigenous Medicine

Why the 'Natural' in EquiNatural? Simple. An organism, whether horse or human, will naturally fight anything it regards as foreign or toxic, which creates free radicals (unstable atoms) that damage the body's cells. Back in 2006, when my herd of horses collectively became very sick, I didn't know this. Getting them better took me around 2-years, as I began to learn how - and why - their health had become so compromised.

I studied everything I could find on equine and human health, and immersed myself in every appropriate nutrition model out there. To bring my horses back to wellness became my obsession - I needed to know exactly where their food and nutrition came from so I went directly to the supply source and asked many questions. The more I learned, the more it became very clear to me that using only chemical-free organic, bioactive phytonutrients alongside species-appropriate food was the only way I could get my horses well again.

EquiNatural evolved from that educational journey, which still goes on to this day. We now have many vets, equine practitioners, training establishments and charities worldwide using our services for horses across all disciplines. With EquiNatural you can be assured that stringent organic practices ensure the highest quality, contaminant-free, nutritionally-regenerative product, in order to harness the optimum health benefits for our horses.

Wishing your horse the very best of health, Carol

"Diseases don't just happen. There is always a cause. You can't expect to create vibrant, optimal health by masking symptoms. You must identify and address the root cause."

Dr Mark Hyman, Americal physician, NY Times best selling author, founder and medical director of The UltraWellness Centre

Herbs are nutrient-rich, functional plant foods.

They help to nutritionally cleanse and tone the body as they nourish it, supporting immunity and the body's own natural healing ability. Exactly as nature intended.

Our UK grasslands and dried forage are known to be deficient in many essential minerals.

Changes in the grass chemistry cause changes in our horse's chemistry. This directly - and adversely - affects our horse's system.

Our topical handcrafted EquiGels

Effective topical gels, using both essential and macerated organic oils, blended into our 100% human-grade, organically certified, whole leaf Aloe Vera gel, to capture the optimal natural activity of the Aloe Bardadensis plant.

The content in this website is intended as a sharing of knowledge and information from our own studies and research over the decades, together with clients' experiences and our own personal experience over 5-decades of horse care. This website is not about medical advice, but more to enlighten towards a more naturopathic approach to support a healthy lifestyle for our horses. Any information contained within is not intended as a substitute or replacement of veterinary or other professional advice, and I would encourage anyone to make their own equine healthcare decisions based upon their own research.

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