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WildFed *Adding valuable phytonutrient diversity to our horse's diet

WildFed *Adding valuable phytonutrient diversity to our horse's diet

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Image - our Kelso having a good old rootle in the bushes

When horses lived in the wild, they ate a wide range of diverse foods - everything from moss, leaves, nuts, berries, flowers, grains, barks etc., to get variety and essential nutrients into their diets to support their metabolism.

Today? We feed our domesticated horses the same standard diet, day in and day out, grass/hay, grass/hay, which means much of their natural diverse diet is missing. Given the opportunity any horse would be looking for variety and diversity wherever possible.

The gut system of our modern-day domesticated horse is no different to that of the wild horse from millions of years ago, their digestion being based on the utilisation of different plants, and their natural diet including much more than just grasses - watch any horse enjoying a happy nibble on leaves and branches of various trees.

This not only gives them raw fibre roughage but also important minerals and phytonutrients to naturally support the body's optimal functions, especially detoxification of toxic waste. By feeding only grass and hay, maybe a bit of roughage and a mineral balancer, we're providing the basics, but we're not giving our horse enough plant diversity for their internal engine to fulfill the necessary actions that the body needs to do.

Equinatural's WildFed adds important natural diversity and valuable species-appropriate phytonutrients via barks and leaves back into the horse's diet, just as nature intended.


Two handfuls per horse, one for ponies, fed every few days, spread over hay or added to the feedbowl, dry or dampened.


Dried Barks & Leaves: Fraxinus excelsior (Ash bark and leaves), Betula pendula (Birch bark and leaves), Rubus fruticosus (Blackberry leaves), Cratageus oxyacantha (Hawthorn leaves), Chrondrus crispus (Irish Moss), Silybum marianum (Milk Thistle herb) & Salix alba (Willow bark and leaves)

Analysis: Crude protein: 8.1%, Crude oils and fats: 2.9%, Crude fiber: 24.2%, Crude ash: 6.1%, Calcium: 1.73%, Phosphorus: 0.17%, Sodium: 0.05%


  • Supplements of any kind should be fed with caution to the pregnant mare so always seek veterinary advice.


  • WildFed is a nutritional functional food product and is not intended as a substitute for veterinary advice.
  • Guaranteed no fillers and non-GM.
  • Contains no banned substances so safe for competition.
  • 5% discount on 3kg volume, 10% discount on 5kg.