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Caroline Ingraham, founder of the Zoopharmacognosy field, has reported as a case study that a combo of rosehip shells and barleygrass has been effective against sarcoids, fed as self-selection alongside other herbs including comfrey. See the full, fascinating chronical here: https://www.carolineingraham.com/animal-chronicles/horse-chronicles/equine-sarcoids/

I've also personally met a lady whose horse had eye sarcoids, and used the rosehip/barleygrass method - she offered both as self-selection and her mare dove on them!

It wasn't cheap - her mare devoured each in vast quantities - and it wasn't quick - took over a year, but she kept a regular photo diary on her phone and showed me the images.

I can't speak from personal experience, nor can I offer any silver bullet fix here, but her mare's sarcoids started to noticeably shrink within a reasonably short time (can't quite remember, think it was a month or two) until they finally - and completely - disappeared, but like I said, it took over a year. As a result, we created a combo blend of both rosehip shells and barleygrass in powder form; we also sell both separately (links below in Composition).

See our Sarcoids page for more info.


Dried Herbs, Roots & Barks: Hordeum murinum (Barleygrass) & Rosa canina (Rosehips)

  • Produced to ecological standards and free from agro-chemicals. See our Quality page for Organic Certification Documents.
  • Guaranteed no fillers and non-GMO.


  • 10g/100kg bodyweight per day, thus for an average 500kg horse add 50g daily to feed.
  • Alternatively, offer as self-selection.


  • Supplements of any kind should be fed with caution to the pregnant or nursing mare so always seek veterinary advice.


  • This is a nutritional product and is not intended as a substitute for veterinary advice or a healthy, species-appropriate diet.
  • Contains no banned substances so safe for competition.
  • 5% discount on 2kg volume.
  • 10% discount on 3kg volume.