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  • Quality Assured
Rosehips, Ground (Rosa canina)

Rosehips, Ground (Rosa canina)

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  • Ground Fruit Shells
  • Origin Chile
  • Wild harvested, Certified Organic - see our Quality page for Quality Management & Certification Documents
  • Human grade

Probably known best for their extraordinary source of vitamin C, and one of the best sources of natural iron, Rosehips are highly beneficial as a natural supplement.

Their high level of Vitamin C, thought to contain 60 times the amount of vitamin C than found in lemons, makes them a potent antiviral, immunity supporter and circulatory stimulant, helping to restore and maintain a healthy vascular system, and prevent damage to fragile capilliaries, being especially useful for strengthening blood vessels and the elasticity of the arteries.

They're also well known for their major role in kidney rehabilitation and adrenal function.

Natural Vitamin C and bioflavonoids are combined in nature, and for efficacy, it is essential that they be used together. Rosehips are rich in both, and due to the high vitamin C content, they’re helpful in enhancing the immune system. Rosehips are thought to avert many types of infectious ailments before they happen by feeding them as a preventative on a daily basis – who remembers Delrosa Syrup from back in the day - delicious!

Vitamin C is also a key antioxidant found in lung tissue, with studies showing that Vitamin C levels are low in the lungs of horses with respiratory issues.

In addition to supporting overall health, Vitamin C is also helpful in stimulating dopamine, hence why we include a generous measure in our Cushing’s and Mares' blends.

We also supply Rosehip Shells.