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L Tyrosine

L Tyrosine

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  • For when a physical or mental boost is required.
  • Thought to play a very important role in the production of the neurotransmitters dopamine and norepinephrine, directly affecting dopamine levels, which could help to counter fatigue and the effects of stressors. As a result, Tyrosine can be really beneficial for our Cushing's/PPID equines - see our Cushing's/PPID page for the research.
  • There is also some research to suggest that L Tyrosine could also be useful in weight loss.
  • Tyrosine may also be converted into key physiological compounds including epinephrine, levodopa, Coenzyme Q10, melanin and various thyroid hormones.
  • Tyrosine is often combined with other supplements such as Acetyl L Carnitine (ALCar).


  • 100% pure L Tyrosine
  • Human Grade
  • Manufactured to ISO, BP, USP & EP requirements and/or food grade specifications.
  • UK certificate of analysis available on request.


  • 2g/100kg bodyweight per day, thus for an average 500kg horse add 10g daily to feed.
  • Humans - 0.5-1g with 50ml water, ideally on an empty stomach. Take 1-2 servings daily.

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