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  • Quality Assured
Garlic Powder, Organic (Allium sativum)

Garlic Powder, Organic (Allium sativum)

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  • Ground raw garlic clove
  • Origin UK
  • Certified organic - see our Quality page for Quality Management & Certification Documents
  • Human grade

We're happy to say we've sourced a completely unprocessed and organic garlic that I'm happy to feed.

We all know this small, power-packed bulb for its delicious flavour and aroma (at home we love garlic so much that that we grow enough each year to be completely self-sufficient), yet garlic is possibly the most potently practical medicinal herb on the planet.

It’s amazingly versatile - an effective blood thinner, it’s antiviral, a powerful antioxidant, and immune system stimulant that promotes heart health, as well as proven to lower the unhealthy LDL cholesterol.

It also has renowned antibacterial and antifungal properties – it was a crucial wound-treating component in the standard issue medical kits that were carried by medics in WWI and II.

Garlic can also knock out cold or flu symptoms overnight if used with the right dietary protocol and adequate sleep. I love it chopped raw in salads, chopped plentifully in just about every dish we cook, and sautéed off in lashings of butter before drenching over the dark greens.

Our organic garlic powder is produced by a specialised drying process to ensure that the essential nutrients are retained, ground directly from whole UK-grown organic cloves, with no further processing. Full of the original raw flavour, colour and essential nutrients that fresh garlic contains, our high-quality garlic is a pure, natural vegetable powder.

Feed to support digestion, cardiovascular, circulation and the respiratory system, as well as coat/skin health and beyond!

Garlic's also incredibly beneficial for joints as it contains sulfur, an important component for collagen production, as well as lipoic acid and taurine which help rebuild damaged collagen fibres.