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EquiVita-M&S *For the Mallenders/Sallenders Horse

EquiVita-M&S *For the Mallenders/Sallenders Horse


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A multi-mineral nutritional solution for the Mallenders/Sallenders horse (excludes Biotin (Vit.B7), a known keratin producer), providing the commonly deficient levels of essential minerals lacking in our UK grazing, as required by the equine body for normal function.

NB. Mallenders/Sallenders is now thought to be connected to the now widespread multi-metabolic detoxification disorder called Cryptopyrroluria, aka KPU. See our separate Mallenders/Sallenders page for more info.

* No synthetic minerals.
* No added iron. Any iron present is completely natural, predominantly coming from the magnesium oxide and monosodium phosphate, and therefore is in the unabsorbable oxide form. See 'The Role of Iron in the Equine Diet' and 'Iron in the Equine Diet' for further evidence.
* Guaranteed no molasses, fillers, stabilisers, binders, grains, preservatives, and Non-GM.
* Formulated to the NRC Guidelines.
* Certified to UFAS, FEMAS, BETA NOPS, and ISO 22000

Nutritionally supports the body as a whole, and specifically:

  • insulin sensitivity
  • circulation
  • strong hooves and hoof sole sensitivity
  • calcium absorption
  • growth and development (bone, teeth, soft tissue)
  • skin, hair and coat integrity
  • immune system
  • healthy muscles and nervous system
  • digestion and feed absorption
  • natural nutritive vitamin, mineral and antioxidant levels

Feed Guide

  • 13g/100kg bodyweight daily (one level tablespoon = 15g)
  • New to minerals? Try our 1kg Trial Bag to start with, and always start slow, a pinch at a time, slowly building up to your RDA.


A 67g measure (500Kg Horse) will provide (apx) :

  • 12g Magnesium (Magnesium Oxide)
  • 10g L-Lysine
  • 5g Phosphorous (Monosodium Phosphate)
  • 3g Methionine
  • 1200mg Zinc (Natural Sulphate)
  • 400mg Copper (Natural Sulphate)
  • 1mg Selenium (Sodium Selenium)
  • 2000iu Vitamin E (all rac-alpha tocopheryl acetate)

* Analysis displays the elemental mineral volumes.
* A 5kg pouch will last a 500kg horse 74-days / £0.46/day.


  • During winter months, or if your horse is on a hay-only diet, we recommend adding micronised Linseed to support the omega/amino acid levels which are depleted in winter grazing and hay. Linseed provides all 8 essential amino acids and a wealth of nutrients, including the Omegas 3, 6 and 9 Essential Fatty Acids, digestive enzymes, protein, vitamins and minerals, with the added benefit of copper, phosphate, selenium and magnesium sources. Feed rates detailed on our Linseed product page.
  • Salt always needs to be fed to the horse. As per the NRC (2007), a 500kg horse has a daily requirement of at least 10g sodium and 40g chloride on a cool day doing no work, and at least double this on a hot day/in hard work/sweating.

Alternatively, see our VitaComplete-M&S which includes a daily 100g Linseed and 10g Salt.


  • This is a nutritional product and is not intended as a substitute for veterinary advice.
  • Contains no banned substances so safe for competition.
  • 5% discount on 3kg volume, 10% discount on 3kg, 15% on 10kg and 20% on 20kg (Best Value).


  • 9.10.20 - Her mallanders are no bother at all since making the switch to your daily mix. Thanks so much. Rebecca and the girls x
  • 7.12.19 - Carol has been extremely helpful and I'm pleased to say my horse is eating EquivitaM&S no problem at all! Very interesting and informative website. My horse's mallanders are already starting to look better. Finally I think I've found the answer and it's so nice to have everything I need in one tub! Thank you so much :-)