• Quality Assured
  • Quality Assured
DuoBute  *Gentle, ongoing comfort support

DuoBute *Gentle, ongoing comfort support

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Pain is probably the most disruptive symptom in life, where injuries and illness can outlive their original causes, worsening over time and taking on a debilitating life of their own.

See our Pain page for more info.


  • ongoing comfort maintenance


Dried Herbs, Roots & Barks: Filipendula ulmaria (Meadowsweet) & Salix Alba (Willow)

  • Composition produced to ecological standards and free from agro-chemicals. See our Quality page for Organic Certification Documents.
  • * Grown especially for us organically and biodynamically by Organic Herb Trading Co.- https://www.biodynamics.com/what-is-biodynamics
  • Guaranteed no fillers and non-GMO.
  • Feed

    • 5g/100kg bodyweight per day, thus for an average 500kg horse add 25g daily to feed.


    • Can be fed alongside Phenylbutazone/Danilon or similar.
    • Supplements of any kind should be fed with caution to the pregnant or nursing mare so always seek veterinary advice.


    • 250g will feed a 500kg horse for 10-days.


    • So impressed
      Hi Carol,
      Tim's cleaning his bowl, absolutely loves it and he's now chilled out, no longer trying to kill me thankfully. I'm keeping him on the DuoBute as he's definitely happier on it. Sandra & Tim