• Quality Assured
  • Quality Assured
Bladderwrack Granules (Fucus vesiculosis)

Bladderwrack Granules (Fucus vesiculosis)

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  • Origin Scottish Outer Hebrides
  • Produced to organic standards in the Scottish Outer Hebrides by Seagreens TM. Sustainably wild-harvested using proprietary preparation methods, ensuring unique human food quality standards and international compliance for food and neutraceutical ingredients.

NB. Our range of botanicals are all grown, harvested and dried without the use of agri-chemicals, non-irradiated and GMO free - see our Quality page for Quality Management & Certification Documents.

Laboratory tested for identification and compliance to the British and European Pharmacopoeia standards, and are human grade.

Please be aware that if you're purchasing our dried botanicals for human use, our range is cut to appropriate sizes for feeding to horses.

We tend to feed seaweed/kelp to add a natural iodine source into our horse's feed. However ... apart from one known low-iodine area in the UK (Scotland), iodine generally doesn’t need to be supplemented.

There is also a very fine window of toxicity with iodine so we need to be mindful when feeding seaweed/kelp. When, and only when, iodine levels have tested low in soil and need supplementing, a horse needs only a maximum 2mg Iodine/day. 3g seaweed/kelp adds 1.5mg elemental iodine to the diet, so feed no more than 4g, which provides the required 2mg/day if deficient.