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Why BotanicalYOU?

From my extensive health and nutrition studies over the last decade-plus, I've learned many, many things, but probably the one overall fact I've learned is that to feel wonderfully healthy and alive is about self-education, not medication.

I’m sure we’ve all had a moment in our life when we’ve faced a health crisis that threatened to derail us - a loved one, a beloved pet, a dear friend, or even you.

I personally know what it’s like to be out of options, where conventional medicine has had nothing else to offer other than stronger versions of what already wasn't working, both for myself and back in 2006/7 when I finally had nowhere else to go for our Kelso, where, in desperation I turned to herbs and discovered the amazing medicinal power of plants, alongside the practice of Functional Medicine. Together they completely changed my life and sent me on a new life-direction - EquiNatural.

Since then I've been on a mission to discover the natural medicine of 'how and why', instead of the conventional method of simply 'patching up'.

The message we need to get out there is how the amazing benefits of the natural world can truly improve our health. These days more of us are taking control of our own health, and we have to hand it to the internet - the world of medicine no longer has a lock on all the information!

You wouldn’t be reading this page if you weren’t more aware of what’s happening out there. The current health-care system is becoming more about disease-care, dominated by pharmacology, yet we’re seeing right before our eyes that the system isn't working very well. It seems to be more about patching up than getting to the root causes and healing.

So many of us are now turning back towards the natural world. Ultimately, how we treat ourselves, as in what and how we eat to fuel ourselves, is the primary prevention strategy; we have to be as zealous about nutrition as we are on global warming. We need to remind ourselves that we really are what we eat because ...

  • Food changes mood.
  • We’re everything we’ve ever done to ourselves.
  • The choices we make on what we eat will affect the outcome of our life.

Real food heals

If we were to upcycle our food choices away from modern-day processed, genetically mutated and chemically treated ingredients such as corn, wheat and soya, not to mention the 'white menace' - sugar and flour, and instead switch to natural plant-based, whole-food, organic, raw and superfood diet, the evidence is undisputed that we’d feel a whole lot better!

Here's an astonishing fact - small-scale farmers produce over 70% of the world’s food on just 1/4 of the world’s farmland. This was one of the central messages of the 2018 We Feed The World exhibition. Imagine ... we could either grow chemically-saturated GM corn, or we could grow the most extraordinary Goji berries in the world.

Another fact. Back in 1970, President Nixon said that if we can put a man on the moon, we can cure cancer. In 1972, 250,000 people died of cancer in America. 25-years later, in 1997, and after an astonishing $39-billion had been spent on cancer research, over double the number of people - that's over 500,000 - died of cancer in America.

Nothing’s changed. Today, the cancer industry is worth over $100-billion, but the treatment remains the same: drugs (chemotherapy), radiation and surgery. We have more scientists, more doctors, more therapists, more gyms, more physios and more nutritionists than ever before, yet globally we're now the sickest we've ever been. When we look at cancer rates going up, along with heart disease, diabetes, obesity, stroke, dementia, autoimmune syndromes, all going up, a change needs to happen. We need to look at the cultures who aren’t experiencing these diseases, and do what they do. And it's so simple - it's all about plant-based, whole-foods, with not a chemical spray or GM in sight.

The best doctor in the world, the best nutritionist in the world, is you and us. Us regular folk, we’re not stupid - we need to stop being patients and start being healthy and happy again. We change our life, we eat right, we do some exercise, and TaDah! We look better, we feel better, we live longer - this has to be a good thing!

We all know as fact that a healthy diet is a hugely valuable part of a healthy, wonderful lifestyle, and there's a lifestyle change right in front of us that can give us the solution. We don’t need a medical degree to know this or fuel ourselves properly - it’s simple, safe, effective, and we can do it all by ourselves!

Here's to the best BotanicalYOU there can be 😊