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What I feed

So, what’s out there that’s equine-appropriate, equine-essential, equine-nutritious, equine-biochemically balanced, and guaranteed 100% uncontaminated?

5.5.21 - Dear Carol, We have followed your advice on the feeding of our Irish Draft Frank with the Equivita and the Agrobs' chaff and Weisenflakes. What a difference to him, his skin is amazing and he gleams with health! The vet says he is so pleased with him. My very kindest regards and sincere thanks, Lynn C.

14.6.20 Just changed my boys onto your recommended feeds, so far huge improvements in all departments including a traditional who for the first time has no mallanders behind his knee. And an itchy coat is now comfortable and no flaky skin 🌟 they love the food and I’m confident that everything they are eating is natural, no fillers or nasties in it 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟 Thank you Carol x Lynn G

Remembering that the horse is a hindgut fibre-fermenter and should only eat grass forage, there is no feed-brand finer, in my humble opinion, than the Agrobs Pre-Alpin all-natural, chemical-free, multi-diverse grass fibre range.

NB. In case you haven't read the NB at the end of our Why what we feed has to be right page, can I just say again that I'm not linked - or in association with - any feed companies. I'd also like to add that my recommendations here don't mean these are the only feeds I'd feed that are out there; there may be many other independent growers and producers who aim for chemical-free grass-forage feeds. It could also be that my horses have tried and declined. Either way there's no intention on my part to intentionally exclude any brands here - my feed preferences are simply my own personal choice which have proven to work well for my own horses' health, hence I'm happy to recommend them.

With 3 metabolics in our herd (Murphy and MacAttack both IR, Cookie with Cushing's since 2014), they all get a scoop of the Agrobs' WeisenFlakes, which are made from over 50 diverse grasses, simply compressed; Agrobs also do a larger 'cob' - their WeisenCobs - which I get if the WeisenFlakes aren't available - the WeisenFlakes are simply sliced up Weisencobs which means less soak time. I'm also happy to add in a handful of the Agrobs' Leitchgenus chaff (nicknamed 'Fatties Chaff'), which is a diverse combo of super-low starch grasses coming in at just under 2%, with a bit of added oat straw (which gives them a token gesture of lignan woody-fibre prebiotic for their hindguts).

Come winter, our TB, Carmen, gets the Agrobs Myo-Protein Flakes for the higher protein content, as these days she's now dropping a bit of condition over winter - see our Blog Extra Autumn/Winter Protein for our Poor Doers.

None of my local feed merchants sell the Agrobs range so I get it online via EquiSupermarket - https://www.equisupermarket.co.uk/nutrition-horse-feed.irc?brand=6000518 who usually deliver within 2-3 days.

My routine

I'm very lucky - my horses and I are now happily retired together, so I've hung up my reins for good and they all live out permanently on around 7-acres of rented ancient sheep moorland. I split this into a separate summer and winter field, with two roomy field shelters for them.

When I arrive and after the usual greeting (πŸ˜‰) I go straight to the feedroom - a knackered old caravan next to the shelters - and dish up the WeisenFlakes and chaff into each feedbowl. In goes 1-litre of water and the soak begins. I then head off to divvy up their hay which takes around 10-mins. Hay done, and it's back to the van to finish off with the essential nutrients to balance their body chemistry and their relevent herbal supporting blends, as follows:

The above is what I consider non-negotiable, then I add in some extras, just my own personal choice:

  • Spirulina - an excellent gut mycotoxin binder and deacidifier - I feed it every couple of months for 2-weeks-ish.
  • Our DuoBute anti-inflam, during summer as a preventative for the 3 metabolics, and for Carmen all year round with her wonky foot and general limb stiffness as a result.
  • Acetyl L-Carnitine for leptin resistance (for the 3 meta's) and for Carmen's mobility.
  • They also get our WildFed and WildVits every now and then, simply to add nutrient diversity into their diet. TopTip - WildVits has superpowers - it literally stops them all in their tracks from mugging each others' feedbowls. πŸ˜‰

Now to their therapeutics:

  • Cookie gets our CushTonic Mk.I with Tyrosine all year round; come summer she gets our MetaTonic in the p.m. feed.
  • During spring/summer/autumn, Murf and Mac get our MetaTonic. Mac also gets P5P as since 2021 I've been managing him as a KPU candidate, in the hope (crossing everything) that we can reset his detoxification function and significantly downgrade his sweet itch.
  • Carms gets our JSTTonic as she's officially 2/10 lame (born with a twisted hoof).
  • Every spring/autumn at coat change time, they all get a 1-month course of our LKL-CARE for a liver/kidney tonic.

So there we have it: Agrobs Weisenflakes, with a handful of Leitchgenus chaff, our EquiVita forage-balanced minerals, micronised Linseed and salt (or VitaComplete for convenience), Alcar, and their respective herbs etc.