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Our EquiGels & Shampoo Soaps

Every plant has its own aroma via its volatile (essential) oil, and horses have quite remarkable responses to these aromatic plant oils. Horses instinctively know, through a plant's natural aroma, which ones are beneficial to their system and when they need them.

An essential oil is a highly concentrated volatile substance, which evaporates on contact with air. Essential oils bring excellent therapeutic benefits for our horses, working on three levels - the physical, spiritual and psychological. When ingested either orally, through skin or through breath, they bring about a state of synergy within the body which promotes and maintains physiological balance and health.

Our organic EquiGels are individually hand made to order, with no petrochemical derivatives or by-products; they're also parabens and sodium lauryl sulfate (SLS) free, nor are there any GMO, artificial or synthetic ingredients, which means no toxic residue being absorbed into your horse's skin.

As a natural preservative we add in 100% natural organic Vitamin E oil to extend the shelf-life of our EquiGels, as well as it being an extremely effective antioxidant. This not only slows down oxidation, but is also excellent to use on the skin for its ability to reduce free radical damage.

(Alpha Tocopherol versus Mixed Tocopherols There are many different types of vitamin E but the most commonly known are alpha, beta, delta and gamma tocopherols, and alpha, beta, delta and gamma tocotrienols. Alpha tocopherol is probably the best known of all.

Alpha tocopherol can be produced synthetically in a lab and although the synthetic type is effective as an antioxidant, it is widely accepted that natural Vitamin E works more efficiently.

When different types of tocopherols are mixed together they work synergistically to give a highly efficient antioxidant effect both on the skin and in food products. The interaction of the tocopherols is complex, however, too much alpha tocopherol appears to have the opposite effect and can sometimes speed up the process of oxidation and lower the effectiveness of the other types of tocopherol. That is why in mixed tocopherols you will find that the amount of alpha tocopherol is typically low.)

* Our EquiGels come in a recyclable/reusable PET amber syrup bottle with a spouted pump.

A quick word on Cautions

  • An essential oil is a highly concentrated substance, and our range is carefully balanced between oil and carrier, therefore it is not recommended to tamper with the product as an adverse reaction could result.
  • Keep in a dark, cool area - sunlight reduces the therapeutic effects.
  • Always apply with a clean utensil, glove, i.e. cotton bud/cloth or wooden spatula.

* Please note our Topical Therapies are Subject to VAT at standard rate



Our topical EquiGels provide soothingly effective, aromatic therapies using both essential and macerated organic oils, blended into organic Aloe Vera gel.

Shampoo Soaps

Completely natural, artisan handmade Shampoo Soaps, with no artificial chemicals, made from wonderfully moisturising tree oils and butters.