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The Immune System

Without Nutrition, you're fighting with no weapons

Without Immunity, you're fighting with no army

Without a healthy Microbiome, you've got no immunity

Meet our C.A.R.E Immunity Programme

Ever had your car go wrong?

Imagine taking it to your local garage, and you tell the mechanic that it doesn't sound right. The mechanic turns to you and says, ”Turn the radio up. Can you still hear it?”

I think we'd all agree that we'd try a different garage, but when it comes to health, turning the radio up to ignore the symptoms will only make the engine worse.

In these modern times, we know a bit about the role of the Immune System. 50-odd years ago, we didn’t, because there wasn't the technology to measure or identify it. However, today there are more and more studies talking about breakthroughs in immunotherapy, and how the immune system is now being tapped into in a very specific manner, instead of a global symptom-treating monopoly practice.

The default state of the body is one of continual cellular regeneration. Without this process, the body simply would not exist. However, when the body is sick, this re-generative process is overcome by a de-generative one. This is where nutrition comes in, to feed the body back into healthy balance by supporting the immune system to full strength again.

However - and there's always a 'but', isn't there - today's drug-based monopoly medicine invariably uses chemicals that have not one iota of regenerative potential, and almost always interfere with the body's own self-renewal system, because all they're doing is suppressing the symptoms - blocking the symptoms - for which they're taken, which only drives the problem deeper.

The long and short is that no matter how much we put a sticky plaster over the problem, or turn up that radio, and other than the misfortune of injury, functioning health revolves around the immune system firing on all cylinders, which relies entirely on 3 factors:

  • Optimising the microbiome
  • Heaps of the right nutrition to keep the cells well
  • Regular toning of the body's own detoxing filtering organs - liver/kidneys/lymph nodes

Enter our C.A.R.E. Programme

  • Cleans and tones the gut system, the body's own detoxing filtration organs, the circulatory systems, and the waste exit routes
  • Activates healthy digestion
  • Restores with phytonutrients
  • Enhances vitality

So, first up, let's look at the importance of the immune system, and how Without an Immune System, you're fighting with No Army, because when the immune system's sick, the body's sick.