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13.5.22 - KPU Protocol

Hi Carol, I just wanted to touch base with you because I’m delighted to say Charlie and Alfie are both completely different from when I first contacted you.

I threw myself in 100% with all your advice and it totally paid off. The supplements got them right back on track. They are now both turned out 24/7 which I thought would never happen again. They have constant access to late cut hay and now have a big track around the field to graze with huge hedges available to graze from. They’re lightly rugged when needed and have access to their stables at all times.

Currently they have just a handful of the agrobs chaff you recommended with their equivita once daily.

Both boys have stopped peeing dark brown and it’s clear now instead. Charlie’s energy is fabulous. He’s gone from hardly having the will to trot to being back to his fiesty self! I forgot how amazing he feels. There’s so much power in his tank it’s great. We’ll definitely be eventing again later in the year, which is so wonderful as I really believed his career was over at the end of last year. I even had to sort him out with better brakes as they massively failed the other day!

Alfie is feeling lovely too, far more sensible and not storming off.

Both boys have lost their bulgy bits over their eyes and the hollows have returned. Also Charlie’s sheath is no longer swollen. They’re glossy and shiny and happy. I’ve noticed that their feet are so much better too and Charlie is now able to cope with stoney ground miles better than he ever has before. (I’ve owned him 14yrs).

So, thankyou so much for all your advice, it’s been wonderful to watch the boys improve so well. You’ve been full of such wonderful knowledge and advice. I’m not sure what I would have done without you. Marion

28.4.22 - EquiVita - hoof cracks

Since I’ve been using your balancer my boy's split in one foot is finally growing out. It’s been there a few years, no change with (two other well-known mineral balancer companies). JW

24.4.22 - Valerian 'LiquidCalm' Tincture

Your valerian tincture has been so valuable for Jake. I went away with one of my horses and he was really settled with his other companion the whole time. We’re moving to Wales in July so it’s great to know I’ve got it to help with that transition too. I give him about 10ml every few days at the mo and that seems to help him feel mellow and positive.Many thanks, Laura.

11.4.22 - KPU Protocol

Annie has been going great guns on your KPU plan now, she is now up to dose of SIBO-CARE and not far off on your StressTonic. The difference in her is amazing. She has many days now with no faecal water at all and when she does it is minimal compared to what it was and her actual faeces is formed balls. 9 times out of 10 it doesn’t smell like and she is going a lot less too. Megan & Annie

Added 24.4.22 - Annie's just doing amazing on your KPU plan, her droppings are just perfect now and the most exciting thing to see is her out on her track 24/7 now, she is barely in her shelter which she used to spend the majority of the day in! We live on a farm and it’s very busy at the moment, this would usually cause her stress but she is not fazed at all, she’s almost enjoyed watching what’s been going on with the others horses. I honestly can’t believe it’s the same pony, I really can’t, thank you so much!

27.3.22 - DuoBute

My horse was born with a subluxation of his stifle and in his twenties needs a bit of help depending on the weather and ground field conditions. Besides keeping him more comfortable your DuoBute visibly helps with the inflammation in his stifle over the winter. Best wishes, Ayesha

4.3.22 - KPU Protocol

Great news, my mare has no more runny poo & no more faecal water ! I'm really pleased so far - and I stopped soaking hay. Erica.

24.2.22 - KPU protocol

We’ve had a pretty awesome feedback email this morning 😊 For the last month or so I’ve been talking to a client in Sweden, Janet, who took on a Lusitano mare, Lilly, in spring 2020.

By December Lilly had gone down with peritonitis, and prescribed antibiotics and Gastrogard. June 2021 and in Janet’s words, ‘all hell broke loose”. Faecal water, mild colicing, diagnosed with anaplasmosis, and Lilly was cow-kicking her rhs underbelly. Yet more antibiotics, which didn’t work as 5-days later it all kicked off again, resulting in an IBD diagnosis with steroid treatment, and no, she didn’t improve.

When Janet contacted me beginning Jan, Lilly was still on steroids plus the Swedish version of Sulfracate, and a very basic forage-only diet – soaked hay with grass pellets as the feed carrier for her meds, plus L-Glutamine for her gut mucosa. Blood samples showed she was low in magnesium, low in protein, high muscle LDH, and tested with a disrupted microbiome.

It sounded to me like the classic hindgut dysbiosis/SIBO/leaky gut cascade, so I firstly pointed her back to our Gut System webpage as well as our KPU page. I wasn’t wanting to imply that I thought Lilly had KPU, but more to enlighten Janet on the knock-on problems associated with ongoing hindgut disruption. I expected there was a chance that her overall natural detoxification function (liver/kidneys) was going to be compromised, hence perhaps why Lilly wasn’t improving.

Well, it all resonated! Janet switched from soaked to steamed hay, and decided to follow our KPU protocol, alongside alleviating Lilly’s discomfort and stress with our DuoBute and StressTonic, and getting her onto our VitaComplete minerals. Despite a serious delay caused by Brexit-related overseas customs putting a spanner in the delivery works, Janet just about kept the faith and her order finally arrived on Monday of this week.

Today, Thursday, just 3-days later, and she sent me an update … 😊

“I just ... I dont know what to say, I mean maybe you think I’m a crazy Swede LOL … I think I was hallucinating because after the first morning dose, in the afternoon she already in her eyes and body language looked "better". Her posture was upright, and yesterday afternoon, day 2, she ran like crazy and rolled on the ground and was strong with energy! Today, day 3, she stretched her body (hasn’t done that for a long time) and ate her steamed hay with a good appetite and not just picking through it.

The first night my husband said, “Look at her poop! It’s better.” I thought it was maybe just a lucky one, but day 2’s poop is already 50% better in colour and shape. Gas, absolutely better already.

C´mon. For real?! LOL … Is it even possible? I know you said you couldn’t promise me anything, but this is too good to be true. I cried this morning because if this is true, then I can already see the light and the hope for this girl and our future. Thank you so much!”

I think you can guess how happy this made me to hear. Nuff said, other than Go Janet & Lilly! 😉

20.2.22 - JointReflexa

This makes a massive difference to Ruby and now its so obvious if ive run out and she's not on it. She goes from being mobile and flexible and supple when on it, to stiff and trippy and clicky if she's not on it. Thank you so much, Charlotte

20.2.22 - UlsaTonic & GutAminos

Hello Carol, I am very pleased to report that my happy horse is back again! I really didn’t think it possible. I do very much appreciate your help and advice. Rachel & Teddy

8.2.22 - EquiVita-A

Hi Carol just wanted to let you know that I think we may have found something that works for Archie's scabby feet! He's been prone to some form of dermatitis on his feet on and off since I had him. But since he's been on the EquivitaA the scabs have all gone.

Must be a miracle ingredient because I've tried everything in the past and the only thing that has really helped was paddling in the sea! Anyhow, thought you would like to know! Cheers, Max

8.2.22 - EquiVita

Just to let you know, I'm really happy with the supplement - my mare always gets compliments on her 'mint' feet from farriers 🙂 and sometimes she looks so shiny that I wonder if there's something wrong 😄 I never groom her, just lots of scratches, and brush off the saddle area if I ride. I've recently acquired two yearling minis, can't wait to get them on the same road. Julia B.

7.2.22 - UlsaTonic

The UlsaTonic definitely had a positive effect on Pria as she is no longer being touchy about the girth or being brushed which is great. Its good to have realised that she is stomach sensitive so I can keep an eye on it and manage her better from now on. Charlotte.

5.2.22 - Foal with major hindgut disruption - Gut Amino’s/P5P/Wildfed

Powered by you! So so happy with this boy and the way he has turned around in such a short space of time. Zoe & Diego

5.2.22 - JointReflexa

Hi Carol, Recently ordered the joint Reflexa and so happy with results. Jodie L.

21.1.22 - Faecal Water - our SIBO-CARE/GutAminos/DuoBute/P5P

Thank you SO much for your help with Rupert's faecal water situation. He is like a different horse, much happier, not uncomfortable and churning out less and better formed poos. What more could I wish for?? Barbara & Rupert

21.1.22 - Horse eating poo / hindgut dysbiosis

Hi Carol, Wow! What a comprehensive, informative and helpful email! Everything you say makes absolute sense. I look forward to receiving the order so we can start the process of regenerating his hind gut biome. No questions at this time, the information you gave has given me plenty to go away and think about. Any questions that arise from that I certainly will give you a shout.

With many thanks and kindest regards, Sarah

19.1.22 Feed Change / EquiVItaA (Barefooter)

NB - Helen and her stunning Freisian chap have been on the feed change programme for around 3-months now - he was formerly a very uncomfortable barefooter. Helen's been with us for years, regularly sending me stories of her boy's antics, so I'm a bit of a fan of her lovely chunky jet-black boy! 😉

We went for a 2 hour ride on friday with my friend's 2 Icelandics, which used to take me at keast 3 hours bimbling along same track!!! Striding out like a proper girly TB - this must be your magic at work :-) Plus Sunday we went on the heritage trail (old railway line) on a surface he hated before the diet change. Striding out on there too which was totally amazing - another 2 hours. Until we came face to face with some kind of pissed off giant tortoise/toad in armour outdoor art feature! M said nope, not passing that shit and for once i agreed :-) Life’s too short! Thankyou!

16.1.22 - This is why I do what I do. I received the loveliest email today ...

Morning Carol, I hope this email finds you and your clan well.

In June 2019 a friend of mine directed me to your website after my beloved pony Robbie had had a bout of laminitis. We never looked back!

I emailed you and you kindly took the time to reply personally and provide me with so much info and feeding advice. He had been on your Metatonic, Equivita and linseed since, thriving on this and no more laminitis! Everyone was always commenting on how well he looked.

I wanted to tell you that sadly Robbie crossed over the rainbow bridge on Wednesday 13th January. We had reached the end of the road. My usual vet attended and he was put to sleep in his field, the sun shone and the birds sang. Robbie would have been 35 this year and I had the absolute privilege of him being in my life for 28 years. My heart is aching and life feels unbearably sad without him however I will draw comfort from all the lovely memories I have.

I truly believe your advice and products played a huge part in maintaining his longevity and quality of life.

Thank you Carol for all your advice and for being there for all us horse owners that just want the best for our beloved friends.

Very Best Wishes, Jane

30.12.21 - BiomeTonic

When I turned Bobby out this morning he spun, bucked, and sprung off like a spring lamb! Before he'd just stand there and look miserable. I haven't seen him like this for such a long time, it's wonderful to see, so happy x

17.10.21 - Ulcers

Hi Carol, I just wanted to let you know how Elsa was now she is back on Ulsa tonic and Gut Aminos. She went from being unrideable in trot or canter to being able to school in walk, trot and canter after two days. I was amazed how much better she was. Abi B.

9.9.21 - FB Recommendation

- Rowen West-Henzell recommends EquiNatural.

Carol has been outstanding and always so helpful via email. She has helped me and my gelding reach a much better place and he is now healthy and happy. Carol and her wonderful products have been a huge part of the journey. Thanks Carol!! 💚

21.8.21 - FB Recommendation

- Sian Clark recommends EquiNatural.

The products have helped my horses enormously

8.8.21 - MetaTonic

I have been feeding the Metatonic to my metabolic horse and can't believe what a difference I am seeing in him. I have tried many different supplements over time to help him return to health, he had a hard crest and swollen glands under his jaw as well as a swollen sheath, a general all round look of puffiness and currently footy in his right fore but to no avail. Within two weeks of being on the metatonic his crest softened up beautifully and now nearly two months in it has decreased substantially (nearly gone). His glands have come right down too. Emma

27.7.21 - EquiVitaA

Hi Carol, just wanted to share this with you. Guess when we started on your products! Alison

(Hint - note the tighter connection line!)

8.7.21 - FB Recommendation

- Angela Claire Murariu recommends EquiNatural.

The 3 stage detox -optimaCARE I cannot recommended highly enough! After years of antibiotics, steroids and bute to treat a number of conditions, my girl was quite run down.

The detox opened my eyes to the benefit of natural products as I was so sceptical but at the point of being willing to try anything to help her.

A glossy coat, bright eyes and a spring back in her step. This is truly a remarkable product. Carol and her team are absolutely amazing. Thank you EquiNatural for giving me back my happy girl again 💞

28.6.21 - BiomeTonic

Hi Carol, dont want to speak too soon but what a difference, and only in 24hours. He stopped trying to bite me and I can now touch his belly and reach underneath him. He just seems more comfortable, it's amazing so thank you so much, Emma

28.6.21 - Sweet Itch

I am pleased to report that Persia, my sweetitch mare is much much less itchy (and there have been plenty of midges about), she has finished the detox so is now just on the SwItch. Nothing else has really helped so I am delighted! Imogen

16.6.21 - SummerPollenTonic

Oh wow! So my ‘dream horse’ who I’ve had for 3 years now and who is doing wonders for my self confidence developed a cough last summer…I put it down to some dusty hay and as it disappeared going into winter I forgot all about it, BUT then a few weeks ago…back came the cough, only worse 😟 Only when riding and mostly in canter…got to the point where I couldn’t canter him, at all, because he would just start coughing continuously 🙁 I’d tried a nosenet last year which didn’t help so I was devastated and on the verge of calling a vet who I knew would prescribe ventipulmin, then I remembered you!

Decided to give your summer pollen tonic a go and omg I can’t believe how good it is!! Less than a week and the cough has completely gone! I even cantered him tonight around my field where his cough was at it’s worst and there was nothing! I’m stunned how good it is! So so happy, thank you so much! (Super quick delivery too!! 😁😁) Becky King

15.6.21 - EyeTonic (formerly our ERUTonic)

Thank you Carol, the difference this has made to her eyes is amazing. All the best, Tracey

9.6.21 - BreathePlus

Hi Carol. Just an update on Indi, and I can confidently say the BreathePlus has worked wonders. After just 1 week I noticed improvents, no chesty cough or snotty nose , even when she was stabled for 5 days due to bad weather. We've walked out in hand and she is like a different horse. She normally struggles with hills due to her breathing but she has been marching up them without even the slightest struggle and with plenty of energy. Really really pleased with the product. It smells divine and she loves it. Thank you so much. I will highly recommend you. Roxanne & Indi

7.6.21 - UlsaTonic, StressTonic & GutAminos

Hi Carol, I rode Tobi for the first time in six weeks yesterday in a lesson with Charlotte. My heart sang! It was so wonderful to see her happy and relaxed again. I’m so impressed with your advice and products. I’m actually afraid to change anything now! She’s just so happy. Melody & Tobi

15.5.21 - Feed change

Dear Carol, We have followed your advice on the feeding of our Irish Draft Frank to the Equivita M+S and the Leitchgenus chaff and their Weisenflakes. What a difference to him, his skin is amazing and he gleams with health! The vet says he is so pleased with him. My very kindest regards and sincere thanks, Lynn C.

15.5.21 - JSTTonic

Hi Carol, the JST Tonic has done wonders for my boy, after lots of tests that came back negative I decided to go down the fascia route and the tonic has really helped, he is so much 'looser' in his body, I can't explain but he's much happier in his skin, literally! Just putting another order together but will definitely be getting more of this. Kind regards, Sharone.

14.5.21 - OptimaCARE

My wise friend Charlotte Wake recommended your 3 stage detox to me after my 20yo Rspca rescue trotter had a perfect storm of ovary pain, ulcers and worry in March. We have just finished and it has been amazing. Mel

10.5.21 - MetaTonic

Hi, One of my ponies, Ozzy the cob, is very like an ems pony tho he tested negative - he easily gets a crest and fat pads and I struggle with his weight. We're coping quite well over the last year as now I use a track over summer and ride him most days. He does struggle with becoming very footy after eating grass esp at this time of year. My other pony is a mare who's had laminitis once before and low grade lami once after that. She also always struggles with footiness at this time of year. They're both barefoot and use an equine podiatrist. Anyway I bought your meta tonic in the hopes it might help Ozzy cope with grass better and not struggle with his weight as much. He's been on it about a fortnight and his footiness has almost disappeared! I'm blown away. The only thing that's changed is the meta tonic. I'm so pleased I'm starting my mare on it from tonight too. Hannah

28.4.21 - StressTonic

I just wanted to let you know, that I've seen a huge improvement in Ted already, we are on the second week of using the tonic and the reactions are fewer and far between! He's much less aggressive as well. I'm hoping I might actually be able to get his feet trimmed without major incident! Thank you so much for your help. Hopefully it continues and I get the old Ted back. Kim & Ted

14.4.21 - UlsaTonic

Hi, Carol, I’d like to say how much of a change I’ve seen in Cara since she’s been on UlsaTonic. She’s gone from a raging monster to a sweet natured gentle mare and doesn’t show any sign of being in pain now. She's completely transformed in terms of her attitude and behaviour, no more of the aggressive behaviour and is now happy to enjoy a bit of attention and the odd cuddle. Carolyn

22.3.21 - JSTGel - being used by a human!

Hi Carol, I just wanted to let you know how wonderful your gel is. Julie Clark at Westerlands Stud gave me your website information and your equine gel has transformed my once broken achy arthritic ankle! I have passed your details on to my mum for her ankles and wrists. Many thanks again, Olivia

6.3.21 - EyeTonic (formerly our ERUTonic)

Hi, I just wanted to let you know that I have a mare with Uveitis. When she came to me last October her eye was always running and closed with her eyelashes down. She has been on your herb mix since december and what can I say - her eye is perfect - not runny - never closed and showing little sign of pain. I have not used the steroid drops now for over 2 months and no bute.

I am managing her totally with UV mask and keeping her out of the wind but honestly her eye is amazing. Kay.

17.2.21 - VitaComplete

Hi Carol, Many thanks for sorting my order. I am so pleased with everything I get from you, and I recommend you to everyone I know. My EMS cob didn’t have any issues at all last summer, and the advise you gave us for my Niece’s Lusitano mare has helped her incredibly. She is a different horse. We have put her on the VitaComplete as well, and she is thriving, plus, we have now introduced our other cob to it as well. Kind regards, Emma

28.1.21 - Mallanders

This week a client sent me a photo of how improved her Mallenders pony's legs are. She's been using our EquiVitaM&S balancer "religiously" since last November, and as she said in her email, she'd tried everything for his extensive scabbing, with nothing working till after she started feeding our balancer.

"Nothing seemed to work till starting the M&S balancer last November. We clipped him last week to clear up the last of the stubborn scabs, but they've all gone - it's all pink skin now where it was thick scabs before!"

Here's the photo she sent of how well he's doing 😊

25.1.21 - Not all vets are made equal 😉

Hello, I just wanted to make contact to tell you how fascinating I have found your website. Having had the misfortune to have been incapacitated last week by a horse and unable to do my normal day's work on a livery yard, I have been doing lots of research to try and help a couple of the horses on said yard....what I have found here has given me a huge insight into what is going on inside them and how, hopefully I can introduce a more holistic approach to the owners. I know one has already placed an order after I contacted her earlier, she has tried so many things and is fed up with the vet poo-poohing a natural approach (not all vets are made equal), when the drugs don't work, it points to a different approach. I will certainly be spending a lot more time reading your wonderful articles. Thank you, Jane

3.1.21 - ERUTonic (now our EyeTonic)

Going well, horse really enjoying the supplement and his eye is looking very bright and better than it has for a while! Will be re-ordering soon.

Updated 24.1.21 - Equinatural recommend this for my cob who had really sore ulcer with secondary eru. He wouldn't let us put drops in but with a daily trip to vet to get sedated for drops and his herbs he seems to have made a complete recovery.

25.11.20 - Horse with IBS - OptimaCARE, DuoBute and feed change to Agrobs Mash & Leitchgenus

Just a little update on my mare. She is doing amazingly well! Considering I almost had her PTS! I think the detox worked wonders! She often canters or gallops over to see me now which she never did for a long time. She is tolerating grass which is just fantastic. Thank you for you advice it has been a lifesaver.. literally! Kerrie Xx

29.10.20 – EquiVita-M&S (Mallenders/Sallenders)

Her mallanders are no bother at all since making the switch to your daily mix. Thanks so much. Rebecca and the girls x

2.8.20 – OptimaCARE

You have given me my horse back!!! She's now through her full course of OptimaCARE and she's doing great. So chilled out and happy! Probably less worried than I have seen her in a very long time!!! Caroline & Tia

31.7.20 - VermClear

I am very happy to say that my ponies worm count is now 50 e.p.g as opposed to 340 e.p.g prior to using VermClear.

8.7.20 - OptimaCARE

The 3 stage detox -optimaCARE I cannot recommended highly enough! After years of antibiotics, steroids and bute to treat a number of conditions, my girl was quite run down.

The detox opened my eyes to the benefit of natural products as I was so sceptical but at the point of being willing to try anything to help her.

A glossy coat, bright eyes and a spring back in her step. This is truly a remarkable product. Carol and her team are absolutely amazing. Thank you EquiNatural for giving me back my happy girl again 💞

7.7.20 - BiomeTonic

What have you done to my horse? I can do his fly rug up again! You were right! Carolyn & Victor

1.7.20 - StressTonic with DuoBute

Hi Carol, I just wanted to give you an update on how we're doing. She's been on the StressTonic and the DuoBute since Tuesday last week and the change in her is amazing! No more grumpiness, snapping and swishing her tail when we do routine things 😊 and she's a lot less fearful too! I'm totally delighted with her progress so far! I know this is only the first step but it gives me a lot of hope!!! She's started her detox yesterday! Thank you so much for your help. Caroline

27.6.20 - JST-Tonic & ALCar

Just wanted to say how impressed I am with the JST-Tonic. I'm also feeding Acetyl-l-carnitine as you suggested, and the difference is remarkable. I was honestly thinking Otto's time was up, especially as he's such a fussy bugger with anything added to his feed, but he's accepted both, the tonic and Acetyl-l-carnitine without any fuss at all, which in itself is a first! I witnessed him doing a beautiful, easy little canter yesterday. It was heart melting. So thank you for your great advice and products once again. Much appreciated 😊 Jenny and Otto x

27.6.20 - MetaTonic

I keep seeing folk struggle with EMS ponies - how come they don't know about Metatonic as I'm blown away with the changes in my boy. If you had seem him tonight trot and canter round track cause he thought we d opened grass(lol) u'd never believe he's the same pony I've struggled with for the last few years. Need shows to restart so we can contest those veteran classes! Barbara

14.6.20 - Feed Recommendation

Just changed my boys onto the recommended feeds , so far huge improvements in all departments including a traditional who for the first time has no malanders behind his knee . And an itchy coat is now comfortable and no flaky skin 🌟 they love the food and I’m confident that everything they are eating is natural , no fillers or nasties in it 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟 thank you Carol x Lynn G

15.3.20 - MetaTonic

Just wanted to let you know how well the MetaTonic is working for my 22 yo ems ppid boy. His grass tolerance levels appear to have improved significantly. Long may it last! Many thanks, Alison

26.1.20 - GutAminos

I've had my ulcer prone mare on GutAminos since November and I'm over the moon with results. I thought I was going to have to go down the Omeprazole route again but came across your product while researching natural ways to manage equine ulcers. Carol M.

8.1.20 - Mallanders

Hi I'm currently using EquiVitaM&S and have had fantastic results (legs now completely clear). Thank you so much for making sure a amazing product. Dianne B.

7.1.20 - EquiVita

Hi Carol, I am using EquiVita for my horses, they're all out 24/7 with adlib hay. I have to say my mare is doing so well on this! She has had RAO with mucous and is so much better. Kind regards, Julie

7.12.19 - Mallanders

Carol has been extremely helpful and I'm pleased to say my horse is eating EquivitaM no problem at all! Very interesting and informative website. My horse's mallanders are already starting to look better. Finally I think I've found the answer and it's so nice to have everything I need in one tub! Thank you so much :-)

5.11.19 - Happy

My order came today. What a quick service. I'm very happy customer.

27.10.19 - Pollen Allergy

Thank you for the SummerPollenTonic herbs, my horse seemed better than ever while using them, I will definitely start her on the spring pollen herbs in Feb and hope next year she has no flare ups.

18.4.19 - Metabolic Horse

Good morning carol, just wanted to let you know that I have a pony who has turned the most massive corner after introducing the advice you gave into her feed.. wow!! No more starving pony trying to eat me, no more scraping walls, kicking, biting and generally making me lose the will to live! After getting a set of X-rays done and a date with the farrier, both he and the vet asked directly if I had her sedated ... that’s what it felt like. Relaxed, happy to oblige pony. I know we have a long road ahead but without your help and advice I’d be lost!!! A million ThAnk you from me and Lotti 💕

3.4.19 - EquiVita

Hi Carol, (thanks for letting me know). You always provide excellent service and your products are I believe the best around. Maddie my rising 5 IDSH had been having EquiVita since September last year just after I bought her and she has come through the winter in excellent health and condition, nice and lean coming into the spring, though she isn't doing much work as yet due to her age. Maddie is barefoot and your products have played a role in her having excellent horn quality. Best regards, Mandy Hodgkinson

2.3.19 - StressTonic

Fabulous products, the StressTonic has worked wonders with my boy. Mary-Ellen Webb

15.2.19 - Feed tweaks, EquiVita & MellowMare

Hi Carol, I just wanted to let you know that we long reigned Gerty today. I didn’t use the valerian as the change in her demeanour is utterly unbelievable !! Each day since starting on the mare herbs plus she has improved in temperament. The last 3 days she has been my lovely affectionate mare. I almost don’t dare to hope we’ve turned a corner. I shall keep the valerian to side just incase she needs a bit of help in season, but it’s like a miracle. Thank you soo much for your continuing help. Sue X

29.10.18 - Feed Change, EquiVita, MetaTonic, Linseed & Salt

Hi Carole, both boys are absolutely loving your products and Agrobs Hooray !! I’ve seen such a improvement in their coats within the days they have been on your products and Agrob. Many thanks Janette1.11.18 - Edited to add:Hello carole, Just re ordered 😃, the shine on my ems dressage boy is UNREAL in under a week and he absolutely loves it all, cant get enough of it, Shetland is SOO fussy and he loves it all too, catnt see the shine on his coat as he’s got his winter one on!

20.10.18 - LKL-CARE

Good afternoon Carol, I would like to say how impressed I am with your products. I have an 8 year old cob who has suffered terribly with metabolic problems this year, which has been exacerbated by the heat as he overheats really easily. I hit the internet and found your site. I then promptly bought some LKL-CARE, and he has gone from strength to strength, even galloping an bucking in the field, which I thought I would never see again. Many thanks, Emma

20.10.18 - SwItchTonic

Hi Carol,I'm so impressed with the herbal SwItchTonic and how is working for my sweetitch lad. Best regards Nicola (from France)

20.7.18 - EquiVita

Hi Carol. Just wanted to give you an update on my mare since you kindly 're-planned her diet! Since been on the Equivita balancer just 10weeks, her feet are rock hard, maintained the shape & strength even with this persistant dry spell were having. She can walk on any surface including stony tracks, & is self trimming too. Thank you so much for your advice. Clare & stardust

8.5.18 - ERUTonic

My horse had an attack of uveitis in September last year resulting in 12 days in an eye hospital. On return home I put him on your ERUTonic. A couple of weeks ago he went back to the specialist for his 2nd check up. Both eyes had normal pressure and virtually all signs of ERU had disappeared, plus a cataract in one eye had shrunk! The specialist was amazed as never seen this happen before...... he asked for the company details!

27.1.18 – ERUTonic

New horse purchased in July last year developed Uveitis in September exact cause unknown. He was treated at specialist eye hospital for 12 days then returned home on pain killers no eye drops and to wear mask during turn out. Started feeding your ERUTonic product immediately was back in full work a month later. All I can say is so far so good....!

22.1.18 – Keratoma client - OptimaCARE & DuoBute

Hello again, hte detox herbs have worked really well and Zeus has loved them, thanks. He still has some left but will probably have to be in for at least another 2 weeks so that his hoof can continue to keratinise. He definitely prefers his feeds with the herbs in and actually started to pick at the droppings again on the day between different phases. Thank you so much for all your help. The Duobute has also been great. I was able to take him off normal Bute a few days after he started on it. The vet is amazed at his progress which is wonderful. Best wishes, Shara

Amazing! (Tribute)

This really works! My laminitic shetland had an acute attack in all four feet. Shifting weight, and laying down a lot. After a few days of feeding TriBute she now walks out normally (still slowly), and I've not caught her laying down once. Incredible stuff!

Amazing! (SwItchTonic)

Hi Carol, I just wanted to let you know that I have been feeding the SwItchTonic herbs and his skin has improved and (I dont want to speak too soon but) his sweetitch has been the best it has ever been this year! So thank you so much! He is also doing very well at competing and people cannot believe how old he is, when I get a new photo I will send it through to you. Liane and horses

Amazed (BreathePlus)

Dear Carol, I received the BreathePlus about 10 days ago, I began giving it to Panos straight away and can tell you that he is well on the way to recovery, I cannot believe how fast he is improving. Today he was chasing Sirocco around the field and didn't cough once, once this really hot weather is over we will be able to get them out for a ride again. Many thanks, Vivienne

Mare much softer (JointTonic)

Hi Carol, my physio for my horse came to do a treatment on Saturday and she hadn't seen my horse for over 6 weeks and immediately commented on the condition of my mares coat (my mare is immaculately groomed..the girls at the yard always make a comment about my horse...always grooming her). As we started the treatment she could feel her muscles were much softer and the mare appeared to be enjoying the treatment, previously my mare would get stressed, even kick out and once reared up in the stable so we decided to only treat her for 15 minutes at a time. On Saturday she had 50 minutes of massaging treatment !!!!! I'm Absolutely convinced it's since giving her the JointTonic. Now my mare is progressing well in her recovery back to full work. Thanks Caroline

Thank you so much (EquiVitaA)

I'm really seeing such positive differences in all of mine since starting with equivita - my big lad even made his eventing debut at the weekend, if you'd told me that 6 months ago we'd be there I would have laughed, but changing his balancer has made such a difference. Many thanks, Laura

Can’t tell you how happy I am! (CushTonic)

Hi Carol, Thought Id send you an update on Ebony after 6 weeks on the herbs for cushings.. Her initial levels were 78.5 and have come down to 32.2 which I am over the moon at and my vet was taken aback ha ha .. I cant tell you how happy I am. I have so much faith in you and cant thank you enough. I have recommended you to lots of people who are going to contact you for further info and orders hopefully. Claire

Excellent! (BreathePlus)

Excellent results from Breatheplus, my 20 year old mare's snotty nose has cleared up and she has got her 'sparkle' back. Highly recommended. Thank you.

Happy customer (EquiVita)

Hi, I've been doing forage tests for some time and trying to balance the deficiencies with a mixture of straight supplements from another company, but my horse became really finicky about eating her food - I don't think she liked the taste. So she didn't really have any supplementation last summer, as a result she developed severe white line disease, starey coat, was exercise intolerant and really lost her sparkle. Then I found Equivita - I started with the basic version then switched to the Ultra. She's probably been on it a good 2 months now and the change is remarkable. The white line disease is gone, her coat is shiny, she's coping much better with her work and her spark is back. Happy customer! just wanted to let you know.

Excellent! (SpringPollenTonic)

We have tried various products recommended for headshakers, with varying results. Decided to try PollenTonic when my previous product ran out. Our headshaking mare is now retired, so I can't comment on how well this works when ridden, but she is 100% happier out in the field and no longer headshakes or rubs her eyes which she used to do and would become quite distressed. Will definitely be buying another back next spring - Misty says thank you!

Very good (UlsaTonic)

Tya was very grumpy and girthy noticeably more so after having her diet restricted due to getting a lttle tubby.... (!) - well aware of the risk of ulcers with restrictive grazing and her being young I turned to UlsaTonic to help. After a week I noticed her walking out much better, after 2 weeks and girthing up she wasn't biting me. Onto week 3 now, so hoping all will continue! Thank You.

Brilliant! (EquiVita)

I have seen a dramatic difference in my 4 horses since being on Equi vita. Their feet and coat are brilliant and they calm and happy. They are in over all tip top health. The products are cost effective and the website is easy to use. Carol is friendly and knowledgeable. I would recommend to anyone I know.

Happy! (CushTonic)

I'm very happy to write this review as I'm so happy myself! Our daughter's pony, Rosie, now retired and a much loved family pet, was diagnosed with Cushings last year after we noticed she hadn't shed her winter coat and seemed very depressed with no zest for life. I was recommended to you and have had her on a maintenance dose of your CUshTonic for the past few months, and am delighted to report that this Easter weekend the family spent many happy moments grooming Rosie and pulling much self-shedding winter coat out! She's so much happier in herself as well, no longer standing alone witha sad face looking like Eeyore. As a family we're so very grateful to have found you. Thank you thank yuou, and we're looking forward to many more happy, comfortable years for our beloved girl. The Barber family, GLos.

Excellent (MellowMare)

I don't keep my mare on this product full time, just at certain times of the month and year - you can really tell the difference. She is so much calmer, laid back and generally happier in herself..... do they make a human form!!

Highly recommend (BreathePlus)

My mare has had a cough for 3 years and struggled to canter stemmed from a virus she had , she would always cough when we went into trot, since she has had a 4 week course of this she has not coughed again and much happier to canter. very happy, Thank you. ( she would also stop to rub her nose on her leg, this has also stopped).

So much better than the top brands (EquiVita)

My horse has been a stress head her whole life (almost ten years). She doesn't keep weight easily because of nerves and has to be exercised regularly to take the edge off. She recently pulled a muscle and was on two weeks box rest followed by restricted turnout. I was really concerned she would explode and go mental but she kpet her head. She looks better than ever on a forage diet plus mineral balancer than she ever did on Topspec. And for the first time in her life I'm not feeding her a calmer, simply her mineral balancer and something for her tummy (I find it helps if you have a spooky horse). Thanks Equinatural, I will continue to buy this to keep my horse in great condition.

Remarkable (TriBute)

Really helped my horse following tendon injury. Thanks so much for all your advice. Karin.

Impressed with the bee pollenI

suffer from severe hay fever to the point where I spend most of the spring and summer constantly asthmatic and with my eyes swollen so much that they’re almost shut. It makes my life a total misery, and I totally rely on max dose Piriton just to breathe. Then this year I heard about bee pollen and started taking it as a supplement. It’s changed my life, I can’t say I’m symptom free but I’m coping so much better and can face the fresh air. My horse Radar also suffers from seasonal pollens and for the last few summers goes crazy if he’s outside so I have to bring him in all day to help him. I saw your bee pollen and because it had such a good effect on me, I tried it for Radar. I’m so impressed, hje can go out during the day now with a full face mask and doesnt seem to headshake as much. Very happy to have found this product, thank you. Sam Wilkes and Radar, Solihull

Quick results (SummerPollenTonic)

Can't believe how quickly this worked against summer pollens.

Can I just say how impressed I am (SpringPollenTonic)

Can I just say how impressed I am. Such a relief to have my mare healthy after vet meds not working. Regards.

Can’t believe how quickly this worked (BreathePlus)

Thanks for the breathe-plus. It arrived on the Friday afternoon and I gave it to him Fri and Sat in a single feed, I rode him Sunday, I can't believe how quickly it has worked and I have been telling all my horsey friends about it.

Amazing!! (BreathePlus)

Hi - have only been using product for 5 days, what a difference it has made. She had previously been on Ventipulmin which didn't work but this has! She's perfect when ridden now- amazing!!

Definitely recommend (MetaTonic)

I have used this product for around three years on several different horses and ponies, all having had chronic laminitis previously. Have managed 24hr turnout (with proper management) throughout all four seasons using MetaTonic. Could not rate any higher.

Subtle, but real changed happening (EquiVita)

I put my mare on Equivita because her baerfoot hoof health is always a struggle for me to keep her sound. Have to say I didn't notice any specific improvement for a while, but then very subtly and almost without realising, she seemed to be striding out so much more comfortably and stronger. It's been about 6 weeks now and just last week I noticed much better depth in her concavity, much beefier frogs and really good improvement overall in her hooves. I'd recommend purchasing the 5kg as the smaller bags don't last and you do need time for this to get into the system, but once there, really impressive. Very happy! Janine M and Meg.

So impressed (LymphCARE)

I’ve recommended a few freinds to visit your site too as I have been so impressed with the results for my boy.

Nothing short of miraculous (SwItchTonic)

The herbs have turned out to be something of a miracle for Fern. She stopped itching within a couple of days and is definitely more relaxed. She still has quite a bit left so (due to Christmas cash flow)I will be ordering some more in the New Year. Thanks again for all your advice and your excellent products.

I’ve re-ordered (MellowMare)

Just a quick note to say I have reordered the Mellowmare for Misty. She has had a couple of seasons since I took her off Regumate and for the first seemed very sore and grumpy. However, for the latest one she has just been lethargic and clingy (a great improvement believe me). At other times she is a lot happier in herself, less face pulling and tail swishing, lower head carriage and generally more chilled :) I think we still have a way to go but feel that her system now has the chance to become naturally balanced.

My horse is an absolute testimony to this product (MetaTonic)

I would never have believed that my old horse could heal so well. She is an absolute testimony to the product and I am delighted with her condition.