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And now for something completely different ...


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Meet our sister company - Moreton's Harvest

You probably already know that EquiNatural began when Kelso, my husband Richard's horse, became very sick in 2007 - (https://equinatural.co.uk/i/about-us).

Refusing to accept the vets' PTS prognosis and desperate to find a way to get him better after 4-weeks of failing vet meds, I blindly turned to herbs, albeit with little knowledge of them back then. Kelso recovered brilliantly, horse-y friends started asking me for some 'Kelso Herbs', and as the saying goes ... well, we all know the saying. EquiNatural was borne in December 2007.

Over the years I've naturally gravitated towards product suppliers who meet rigorous standards based on chemical-free ingredients, ethical sourcing, and a commitment to low environmental impact and sustainability. This has led me to two trading houses who supply organic products, whether Soil Association certified, or grown to organic standards, as well as FairWild harvested, from around the world. It goes without saying that I have a wonderful relationship with both - the teams in each company have become real friends.

10-years on, gradually more of both companies' huge product range (and not necessarily equine-related!) have found their way onto here, and I've so often been asked by many of you, our EquiNatural clients, if I can get other products from herbal teas to natural candles, gemmotherapies to incense, cacao to coconut oil, to name just a few; and you should see my kitchen spice collection! The more I've been asked, the more I've been nudged to maybe set up a separate online outlet on the side. So, after weeks of creation, we finally have!

Meet Moreton's Harvest & Herbal Emporium. With husband Rich and Rich's daughter Tabs (Tabatha) very much involved, much more than me in fact, the choice of nature's finest is immense - everything from:

  • botanicals including ayurvedic, chinese and amazonian
  • clays and exfoliants
  • dried flowers
  • food products, with a range too many to mention here - my kitchen's full of them
  • gemmotherapies
  • incense, gums and resins
  • carrier and essential oils
  • the full range of our natural artisan soaps that we have a small equine-appropriate selection on here - we use these at home
  • teas and infusions, with an amazing range of organic blends in either loose or biodegradeable tea bags (which I absolutely love)
  • tropical butters
  • tinctures
  • with candles, bee products and much more to follow ...

Basically, if it's a natural, organic or grown using organic practices, fairwild, non-irradated and GMO-free product, we've got it - straight from the plant to you.

And ... we have an offer for our lovely EquiNatural clients

An EquiNatural 10% Discount across the Moreton's Harvest range, and, if you've placed an order here at EquiNatural, we'll combine the delivery for you across both websites which will be refunded for you, so no double delivery charge for you. Simply type EN into the Coupon Code at the checkout to claim your discount.

We really hope you like our sister-company!

Carol, Rich and Tabs