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Meet Mirzam, owned by Danielle Gray of Grays Endurance and Rehabilitation.

Danielle has been competing in endurance since she was 18. Now 32, she’s represented England at the Home Internationals twice and won at a distance of 80km (50-miles), with another ten 80km wins with her old horse Oscar that she rescued and rehabbed (now retired at 22).

Mirzam was bred by HH Sheik Khalifa Bin Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahayyan from Abu Dhabi, but didn't make the racing grade. With a grim future ahead of him, he was imported over to the Yorkshire Racehorse Rehoming & Rehab centre where Danielle found him in 2014. Following a ton of TLC and rehab with Danielle, he’d progressed tremendously and was now competing barefoot in endurance alongside Danielle’s other two barefoot horses.

Danielle originally contacted me on 4th October 2016:

“I really need your help with one of my barefoot endurance horses, Mirzam. His feet have gone downhill; they were fine last year and now they’re not. I've tried absolutely every mineral supplement going, been recommended to increase his copper and zinc, and still his feet are not right. He's got big cracks and foot sensitivity over rocky terrain so I am having to use boots which seem to help but he's never been like this before.”

Mirzam’s feed regime was ideal; Agrobs Musli and Aspero with Copra, added salt, linseed, mint and rosehips, organic meadow hay, and turned out on rough pasture with sheep. Her two other horses were on the same feed regime and their hooves were perfect.

On further investigation, Mirzam’s problems began earlier in 2016 with several vertical cracks appearing in his right fore hoof, one of which was significant from ground to coronet band, from which he eventually abscessed. Factor in bad thrush, a second abscess and now noticeably footy over stony ground, Mirzam was in trouble, yet nothing had changed in his diet, management, trim or training, and her other two horses were absolutely fine.

Here’s a summary of my reply:“Okay, here’s my take on all this, and it’s all about immunity, and specifically Mirzam’s gut. The diet, environment, lifestyle is all bang on here, so I can only channel the root cause as being poor assimilation by his gut of the essential micronutrients in his diet, and them not getting to where he needs them - not just his hooves but as you say his mane as well, which is directly connected to skin and coat as well.

It may be that Mirzam’s system is more sensitive to environmental toxins than your other horses, in that these destroy the intestinal flora and gut lining, through which the toxins leak into the bloodstream and weaken the immune system, and then the body as a whole. Which means … that his gut, detox organs, eliminatory channels, his whole system, needs a full-body cleanse and detox.

Not that I’m wishing to imply that Mirzam’s system is immunodeficient – far from it; he wouldn’t be abscessing if he was – but if his gut had been functioning as it should, his hooves would have been much more robust and there’s no doubt that that crack wouldn’t have developed as it has. A chip, sure, but that’s a seriously weak hoof wall integrity. And of course, as we know, once hooves crack, bacterium gets in, digs deep, and leads to infection. Furthermore, the fact that he’s footy all round is also a classic sign that his gut isn’t delivering the goods from your perfectly good diet to his hooves.”

One of the key statements I make often is: Without nutrition, you're fighting with no weapons. Without an Immune System, you're fighting with no army. In theory, a healthy body has a strong immune system and won’t get sick. If the body’s sick, the immune system is sick. The only permanent way to good health is via the immune system, and nutrition gives the immune system the firepower to keep the body well. The nutrition we feed to our horses has to be digested, assimilated and shuttled off to where it’s needed effectively, otherwise problems occur.

I suggested that Danielle give Mirzam a 30-day course of our OptimaCARE, our 3-stage full-body cleanse which works in sequence through the detox organs from the gut upwards, cleansing the main detoxing, eliminatory and circulatory systems of the body, alongside one of our EquiVitaDTox mineral solutions.

A few weeks later, I got the following email from Danielle:

“I would just like to say how amazing your minerals have been for Mirzam. I train and condition on rocks, road and limestone 5-days a week and before he started on your minerals he was in hoof boots, I am just so very happy we are finally totally barefoot , I never thought I would see the day him striding out over the rocks. I had tears of joy in my eyes and I was smiling in my heart. Thank-you Carol”

Here are the before and after pictures:

Danielle’s kept in touch since, to let me know that Mirzam's hooves continue to perform brilliantly, and she now has her other two horses on the minerals, both of which are also improving. She’s also recommended us to a friend who recently took her horse barefoot 6-weeks previously, and to quote Danielle, “She now feeds (your minerals) to her horse and is seeing amazing results already.”

To close with Danielle’s words, “If it wasn’t for you and your mineral balancing, Alun and his amazing barefoot trimming techniques, and my hours of rehabilitation training, I would not have the horse I have today, and I thank you for all you have done for me and Mirzam.”

Danielle’s trimmer is Alun Adams of Barefoot Benefits, Co. Durham. He can be contacted at http://www.barefootbenefits.co.uk/ and https://www.facebook.com/barefootbenefits, where you can see a video he’s posted of Danielle riding over those sharp rocks!