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Introducing Maisie, who in the space of just 6 weeks went from this (3.4.18) ...

(she actually looked a whole lot worse than this photo shows.)

to this, 14.5.18.

Meet Maisie. One of the prettiest ponies you'll ever meet, and whose refeeding plan I got involved with following a very hard winter.

Her hindgut was in meltdown - seriously toxic (you literally couldn't stand behind her!), dehydrated, and with no evidence of any fibre digestion in the droppings, which were black, gnarly, solid nuggets, eliminated rarely and sparsely, and absolutely frickin' stank, gag-factor stink. Her whole gut system needed immediate attention; she had mudfever up and under her belly, and she was windsucking.

I switched her straight onto the following feedbowl:

  • Agrobs Alpengrun Mash for a couple of months - an excellent prebiotic, gut-restorative feed.
  • Our VitaComplete-A mineral balancer to help deacidify her hindgut and mop up the mycotoxins in her GI tract.
  • Our GutAminos, which contains L-Glutamine, essential for helping to regenerate a healthy GI tract during critical illness, trauma, intestinal disease, starvation and/or excessive loss of lean body mass.
  • Ad lib hay, netted.

Sadly, she quidded most of it - cue an urgent dental. This may have also explained why Maisie appeared so undernourished - she'd probably lost most of whatever she could find to eat during winter through quidding. She was also a chronic windsucker.

She joined my own herd and Carmen (herd leader) immediately took her under her wing inviting her to eat next to her. And so began Maisie’s recovery to health, which she took to like a duck to water.

We got her on our OptimaCARE 30-day detox programme in the morning feed, and our StressTonic in the evening feed; she also had our topical BioGel for her mudfever.

A week or so later, she had a full dental with the lovely Mike O’Brien - https://www.facebook.com/mikeobrienequinedentaltechnician/ - to which Mike said Maisie tried her heart out for him and behaved beautifully. She stopped quidding immediately.

After a week the sun finally came out so she got a bath (which she wasn’t terribly happy about) but then started going out for daily walks around the local lanes to get her moving and to have a browse in the hedgerows, which she liked a lot!

Here's her timeline:

11th April 2018

Here she is after just 1-week of her new, nutrient-rich feedbowl and nearing the end of Stage 1 of the OptimaCARE to clean up her gut function. Her coat's already looking smoother, and best news of all, she's now producing normal-looking, healthily moist droppings.

30th April 2018

By the end of April she's looking much better, with her hips and spine now nicely covered.

8th May 2018

She’s finished the OptimaCARE detox, and oh-boy has she developed some sass!

30th May 2018 - just before her first trim

Now for the barefoot hoof nerds out there - take a look at the amazing changes in her hoof angles. You can visibly see the new, stronger capsule taking shape above the very obvious old hoof, all engineered and energised by her new healthy diet and our EquiVita forage balanced minerals.

June 2018, 2-months on, and Maisie’s now moving with all the elegance and grace of her former show pony self, with a beautifully extended trot. She's a gorgeous, sassy girl, and we're so pleased to have been part of her story.