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Liver & Kidneys

- the body's filtration organs

An essential, natural process of the body to maintain a state of health is detoxification. Detoxication releases the body’s toxic burden, and each organ and system in the body works every second of every day to eliminate excess waste products and toxins that are produced from the body’s natural metabolic process.

But did you know that the body has six major organs involved in its natural detoxification process? We’re talking the colon (hind gut), liver and kidneys, lymph nodes, lungs and skin.

Alongside these organs are the two circulatory systems, blood and lymph, upon which the collection and dropping off of toxins such as bacteria, virals and pathogens also depends.

First and foremost we have to look at where this toxic waste accumulates. The colon is the primary exit route, as in the main exhaust pipe, for solid waste. Then we have the skin which sweats toxins out, the lungs which exhale them out, and the urinary system which eliminates via urine.

However, waste doesn't just head for the exit routes without some help - it's firstly got to be sorted from what's good and beneficial, and used to fuel the body. In order to do this, the body has three waste filtration systems that work in harmony with the exit routes to filter, then transport, the waste to the appropriate exit route; namely the liver, the kidneys, and the lymph nodes, an integral part of the lymphatic system and mentioned in more depth in its own chapter.

Trouble is, if the exit routes aren't kept clear and open, and get clogged up or blocked, this slows down the elimination of the waste, which will simply back up into the filtration systems, so then we’re really in trouble – the waste will simply be recirculated around the body, which then leads to inflammation which if not dealt with will lead to chronic disease. And just as an aside, and to quote Charlotte Gerson, founder of the Gerson Institute, "All drugs (conventional pharmaceuticals) are liver toxic, bar none."

Long and short, we need a healthily functioning body to make sure all the exits are open and the filters are filtering.