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11.6.19 - Laminitis "Hi, I am absolutely gutted - portly pony has lami again despite being on soaked hay, pony prison by night and much of the day, on a track with a muzzle on, and on his metatonic, alcar and linseed 😭 what have I missed ? I know you’ve turned your metabolic guys around but I am really lost for a solution. And I feel like I have let him down badly . Any thoughts appreciated."

(Posted on Facebook 11.6.19)

This message came through to me from a dedicated equine professional this morning, with a video of her boy struggling to walk which was heartbreaking to watch.

So, here's my reply to her. I'm not saying I'm right or wrong - after all, this owner has every no-grass and IR/lami-prone prevention practice in place, so my reply was more about questioning everything and yes there was a good chunk of Carol-Ramble in there. Plus it was 6am ;-) I've since tidied my wordery up a bit which also prompted bits I'd missed to client, but for anyone out there who's pulling hair out with lami and the risks, here's my reply:

"Okay, time for questions. We have to ask ourselves lots of the HOW/WHAT/WHY’s -

- If your regime is absolute cast-iron no-grass, we need to ask what's still causing changes in the vascular and cellular level of the foot, leading to inflammation of the laminae.

- If it is the grass, and you're doing everything you can to keep pony off it and got your supplement prevention management in place, why is pony still getting elevated insulin and abnormal glucose metabolism? Maybe pony is one of those that simply can't manage ANY grass – there are many out there, I promise. Maybe pony is an absolute 100% carb-intolerant. Which means it's no longer about low grass - it's absolutely NO grass. Also, can you flick overnight bring in to day bring in? The grass is safer overnight as the fructans head off down to the grass roots to sleep.

- If it's not grass/not elevated insulin etc., and yes I know the time-of-year timing is kind of shouting that it is, then is it toxicity? What toxins are there that pony's being exposed to? What's your nearby environment like - full of rape fields? Is there local agri-spraying going on? Is your grass grown on old highly-fertilised ex-dairy (or similar) soil, where the chemical spray cocktail from back in the day sits in the ground forever? Is your hay fertilised/fungicided/pesticided, or grown on ex-dairy soil? Where's his water supply coming from? Any cell-phone masts nearby emitting radiation? What about chem-trails? Etc etc etc. A plethora of possibilities, and be assured that toxicity is a slow and silent creeper - it can take months/years to build up, sitting in the body's cells like a timebomb waiting to happen, then one final overloading straw on that camel's back, and boom.

- GutGutGut. Everything starts with the gut, but everything begins with the microbiome. What's pony's microbiome integrity like – healthy? Or have we got dysbiosis with more of the pathogenic bad bugs in there than the good guys? Remember, these bad guys are sugar-lovers so if grass is the culprit … I think we know the answer to this. Otherwise, have there been any recent antibiotic courses which would have destroyed the microbiome completely?

Overall, I'd suggest in his current state of health, we're talking a poor microbiome whether we like it or not, so we're likely talking leaky gut = toxins in the bloodstream = hello hooves. So, check feedbowl diet, be absolutely sure that what's going in the mouth is as chemical-free/organic as possible, shovel probiotics in like they're going out of fashion, and ... detox your boy bigtime.

Have a look at:

- our Metabolic Horse page - I expect you've read this already but just to remind and memory-jog because it covers a lot of the WHY & HOW: https://equinatural.co.uk/i/the-metabolic-horse-ir-ems

- our Detoxing page: https://equinatural.co.uk/i/detoxification-1

- our Microbiome page: https://equinatural.co.uk/i/the-microbiome-the-missing-organ all in our Equine Herbal Nutrition by Category section.

Ultimately, as we're in react mode we need to follow the Alleviate / Detox / Fortify principal - https://equinatural.co.uk/i/everything-s-wrong.

I’m sure you’re already on his pain but remember that the vet drug protocol (bute etc) will only add to pony’s already overburdened toxicity levels that his poor liver is already struggling with. If you want an as-effective natural, see our TriBute - https://equinatural.co.uk/i/pain

Meanwhile I'd suggest a full-body detox as above, and fortify – relook at feedbowl/nutrients etc etc - https://equinatural.co.uk/i/why-what-we-feed-has-to-be-right 😉