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Herbal Regenerative Nutrition

Organic Herbs, Root Causes, and a Personalised Physiomedical* Approach

*Physiomedical - the doctrine or practice of natural healing, specificially by the use of herbal medicines. Origin mid 19th centrury, earliest use found in 'Physio-medical Recorder'

The EquiNatural mission is to proactively help our clients support the healthy equilibrium, the functioning integrity and the vitality, the 'vital force', of their horse, on a personal level, via a physiomedical* approach, via natural, bioactive, organic herbal regenerative phytonutrients.

Our range of organic regenerative phytonutrient herbal blends are primarily organised into two sections:

  • Our C.A.R.E. Immunity & Detoxing programme Fed when overall health or a specific system needs a deep clean to restore optimal health. See our dedicated C.A.R.E. Immunity Programme chapter from the main menu above for more information.
  • Our Tonic maintenance blendsWhile our C.A.R.E. range is pretty self-explanatory, I'm often asked what a 'Tonic' herb is, so here's an explanation. Imagine, if you were to lift weights with your right arm for 8-weeks but not your left, your right arm will be more tonified. This means it’ll work more efficiently, there'll be less stress, and it won't fatigue as quickly. Tonic herbs have been used for centuries as everyday foods – they have long-term, gentle, slow-acting benefits for a wide range of supporting actions in the body, usually enhancing immune function, mental clarity and muscular strength, with the ability to maintain consistent stamina throughout the day and promote longevity – even improving libido. All these characteristics pulled together perform the action of tonifying - they’re rejuvenative, they act over a long period of time, and they’re nontoxic, so there are no side effects. Certain herbs also have an affinity for certain parts of the body, and certainly in Ayurvedic and Traditional Chinese Medicine it’s well recognised that you can take a tonic herb on an ongoing basis which will strengthen either a particular system or the overall body.Many herbalists call tonic herbs "medicines for healthy people", i.e. why wait for when health is broken? Tonic herbs simply sustain health on an ongoing basis.

EquiNatural Equine Herbal Regenerative Nutrition

I've taken great care over the years to source the best quality organic, fairwild and wild-harvested botanicals I can find, in order to harvest the purest, nutritionally diverse and bioactive phyto-constituents that are scientifically recognised for supporting the individual biological health and regenerative nutritional requirements of your horse.

The pages in this section cover each health category and are intended as a sharing of knowledge and information from my own studies and research, together with clients' experiences and my own personal experience over 5-decades of horse care.

These chapters are simply to enlighten and suggest a more naturopathic approach to maintain & support a healthy lifestyle for horses. The information here is not intended to replace veterinary advice, and I would encourage anyone to make their own health care decisions based upon their own research.

All information in these pages can no doubt be freely found on the world wide web. Opinions are my own, unless otherwise noted, and when quoting I will always endeavour to provide the source links.Click on either the drop-down box from the menu header above, or the relevant image below for each page. For our full range of organic herbal therapies, see our Online Shop.


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Lymphatic System


The Metabolic Horse




The Senior Horse

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