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Gut Health

Hindgut Ulcers???


First up, let’s put minds at rest by quoting Dr Kellon; “There’s no such thing as hindgut ulcers.” Read more ...

All Together Now

A bit about AutoImmunity, Gut, Microbiome, Stress, Nervous System, Probiotics & Beyond … (or one of my favourite phrases – Alleviate, Detox, Fortify)


Trust me when I say that the quickest, and most guaranteed, way to develop an autoimmune disorder is to shut down the stomach. Horse or human, feed/eat a C.R.A.P. diet (Carbs, Refined, Artificial, Processed), then decrease the amount of acid the stomach's producing because of the resulting gut pain/reflux, and Boom - one autoimmune disorder in a heartbeat. Read more ...

A Bit More on GMO's

(and the link to leaky gut, depression and anxiety - sorry, I know that sounds depressing)


From where I sit, one question that comes up is repeatedly is, "What’s causing so many gut issues?" Read more ...

The Bitter Reflex


Historically, bitter herbs have been used as cleansing agents, vitality builders and digestive support, yet from a human perspective, bitter flavours are really tricky to get down. Our horses don’t necessarily agree with us, which is just as well because bitter herbs and spices offer real benefits to improve overall health. Read more ...

The Microbiome Miracle

23 Sept'18

Okay, so I’ve just completed a 9-module course on Ancient (Herbal) Medicine for Modern Illness, which covered not only western herbalism but also Native American, indigenous Peruvian, Ayurvedic and Traditional Chinese Medicine. Read more ...

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The Gut System