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  • Free Delivery on 10kg/£75+ *Excl. Channel Islands, IOM, N.Ire, Scottish Highlands & Islands

Frequently asked questions ...

The following is based on actual enquiries and case studies.

11.6.19 - Laminitis

"Hi, I am absolutely gutted - portly pony has lami despite being on soaked hay, pony prison by night and much of the day, on a track with a muzzle on, and on his metatonic, alcar and linseed 😭 what have I missed ? I know you’ve turned your metabolic guys around but I am really lost for a solution. And I feel like I have let him down badly . Any thoughts appreciated."

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3.4.19 - Laminitis/IR

"I have a metabolic mare with laminitis and diagnosed leptin resistant. I have been using an anti lam balancer but since found it contains molasses. Can you advise on what supplement that I could use?"

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"After looking at so many options I’m none the wiser in how to feed ... such a minefield. What would be your advice?"

With three metabolics myself, this is my world ;-)

I forwarded this client straight to our Feeding our Horses section, and specifically the What I Like To Feed page: https://equinatural.co.uk/i/what-i-like-to-feed.

I also suggested she have a read of my blog post on how spirulina helps leptin resistance: https://equinatural.co.uk/i/spirulina-may-be-an-effective-treatment-for-leptin-resistance


"I have a horse who suffers with ulcers who I am struggling to manage effectively following veterinary treatment."

This client had been through the mill of vet meds including Omeprazole, and her horse was now struggling post treatments. He was extremely unhappy in himself, he was insecure, spooky and panicky, he still had ongoing gut discomfort, he was struggling with transitions … all in all, he was one big bundle of imbalances with lots of Red Flags. Read more ...

Ulcers and Stress

"He’s not really a stressy type, so I don’t really know why he got ulcers in first place."

No horse or human needs to be a stressy 'type' to get ulcers - unless ulcers are directly caused by poor nutrition, stress itself builds up. We start with coping with it, then as more stressors get added into the equation, we struggle to cope with the fact that we're no longer coping, but just about hang in there. Read more ...

Sweet Itch

"I came across your company whilst reading various online threads about seasonal itching in horses. I bought my pony (12 next month) this time last year. By May 2018 he was rubbing his mane & tail. His previous owner is a vet and said he hadn’t rubbed abnormally with her."

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"I am wondering whether you might have any suggestions for me regarding some natural pain relief for my 19yo navicular horse."

Our client went on to say that for the most part her boy is happy, active and well for his age. She keeps him barefoot, which after trialling many different shoeing options for his navicular, has proven to keep him the soundest. Read more ...