• Quality Assured
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  • Free UK Delivery on orders 10kg/£80+
  • Quality Assured
  • See Contact Page for details
  • Free UK Delivery on orders 10kg/£80+

Equine Practitioners' Scheme

If you're an equine practioner (i.e. trimmer/bodyworker/trainer etc), and you order from us, you'll get a discount.

Better still, if you recommend us to your clients, they'll benefit from a personalised discount on their orders, and you'll get a commission on every order.

Contact us for the full details of our Practitioners' Scheme, and we can set you up straight away.

Our Practitioners

* Chris Sharp - Chris Sharp Ltd Equestrian Store www.chrissharpltd.co.uk
Chris is a barefoot trimer and also an equine body worker. Chris started her Equestrian Store to share some of the products that she uses in her daily work, with her go-to product being the very popular Red Horse Field paste. Amongst other products, she stocks Red Horse Field Paste, Artimud, Sole Cleanse, Hoof Stuff and Honey Heel, all at very competitive prices.

* Deborah Fowles - Barefoot Hoofcare
Debs is a barefoot trimmer, qualified 2011 with the UKNHCP. I can personally vouch for Deb as she was my trimmer for years.

* Debbie Sneddon

* Vikki Spit - Horse Charming http://www.horse-charming.com

Impressive science-based, force free, education and training for people and horses. Vikki is an amazingly personable, knowledgeable and empathetic trainer, with character! See her bio here: www.horse-charming.com/about-us/vikki-spit

* Kathy Boyer - KB Equine Therapy
Kathy is a specialist in equine and canine therapy. Fully qualified and insured in Equine Sports Massage, she works in partnership with other professionals to provide a complete service for your horse or dog.

* Lynda Sharp - HandsOnHorses
www.handsonhorses.com and www.solwayholistics.com

* Jenny Jones - JennyJonesEquineTraining

* Larri Davison-Bowes
- Horse Haven www.horse-haven.co.uk and https://m.facebook.com/HorseHavenWales/

* Lorraine Dearnley, Qualified Masterson Method Practitioner- www.coppermead.co.uk and https://www.facebook.com/LorraineCES/

* Lyla Cansfield

* Tanu Sandhu -
www.tstherapies.co.uk / FB page: https://www.facebook.com/tstherapies
Human & Animal Therapies
: Skeletal Manipulation, Visceral manipulation, Cranial-Sacral Therapy & more for
Back pain, Mechanical neck pain, Shoulder pain, Cervicogenic headaches, Sciatica and more...

* Louise Heal - Louise Heal Equine Massage - FB page: https://www.facebook.com/Louise-Heal-Equine-Massage

* Kelly Renaut -
Renaut's Services - https://renauts-services.co.uk/
Equine Care, Harleston, Norfolk, IP20
- Mucking out, Hay nets, Rugs checking/changing, Turnout, Grooming, Tack cleaning, Poo Picking, Field checks. Fully insured.

* Nayana Morag - http://www.essentialanimals.com / http://www.essentialanimals.com/book

* Mary-Ellen Webb - Masterson Method Certified Practitioner https://www.facebook.com/Mary-Ellen-Webb-Masterson-Method-Certified-Practitioner-396740074274550/