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I get many enquiries from owners relating to many differing, and sometimes complex issues with their horses. Naturally our website's here to help.

  • Gut issues - everything starts with the gut, with everything beginning with the microbiome, so we're starting with the Gut System as our first pointer.. Gut system issues and all the various symptoms and presentation are manyfold - if its stomach ulcers, depending on whether they're squamous or glandular, the causes and solutions are very different, and if PPI treatment has been used before, there's the risk of further issues from side effects that may be affecting your horse. Alternatively the issues could be related to the domino effect of hindgut acidosis/dysbiosis/SIBO/leaky gut, which needs to be addressed very differently. It could be what you've been feeding your horse as this has a profound effect on the horse's very fragile gut system and overall optimum health - there are equine-appropriate feeds, dubious feeds and downright damaging feeds. Equally it could be all about how your horse was raised as a foal, and the integrity of their microbiome ... the list goes on. We've got this all covered for you in our Gut System page which covers the entire gut system and all the potential issues.
  • Now we get to the ongoing, well-recognised conditions such as Calming, Coat&Skin, Cushings/PPID, Hooves, Immunity, Joints, Liver/Kidneys, Lymphatics, Mallenders/Sallenders, Mares, Pain/Inflammation, Respiration/Pollens, Stress and the Senior Horse, our website is full of information for you to peruse through. See our Herbal Nutrition by Condition section off the main menu for the full alphabetical index of our pages on our well-known equine issues, each page having its own product page links for you.
  • Mineral balancer queries? All covered in our Mineral Solutions page.
  • For immunity-related issues, see our C.A.R.E. Immunity Programme as well as our dedicated Detoxification page to help keep your horse's system running on all cylinders.
  • For more chronic/complex multi-symptomatic issues, head for our Start here if everything's wrong page - if everything's wrong it's because everything's connected and there's only one way to go ... Alleviate, Detox & Fortify.
  • Finally, if you're thinking about changing your feed regime, see our Feeding our Horses section on the main bar menu, where you'll find my take on all-things-feed.

Sadly we're not able to take telephone enquiries - being a small family business we've found that time simply doesn't allow us to take calls as they invariably last at least an hour, and they queue up! Alongside blending and packing our orders during the day, sadly something had to give, and reluctantly it was the telephone number.

Rest assured that our website content is very extensive plus we also have an alphabetical Site Map Index with hundreds of links, so have a good browse to see if you can find what you're after.

If you still need to contact us, see the form below. Please bear with us as it may take a couple of days for us to respond, depending on how busy we are.

Please note that any information, products or support we offer is not intended to replace professional veterinary medical advice - in fact, we very often work alongside client's vets so always consult your vet in the first instance. We would also encourage you to make their own equine healthcare decisions based upon their own research. Bear in mind that having not seen or met your horse we can only offer support based on the investigation we carry out with you, together with the information you provide us with.

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