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I've been scribing these blog posts from the beginning, back in 2008-ish, and while my vertical learning curve was still barely off the mark!

Which means that some of the more ancient posts may well also be off the mark these days as the latest science/studies/training hits the headlines; rest assured that the website - and this Blog - is updated accordingly.

As I say on our Herbal Nutrition intro page, the pages in this Blog section are intended purely as a sharing of knowledge and information from my own personal studies and research, and of course caring for my herd of adorable misfits for over 5-decades 😉

30.11.21 - On 9 November I published a blog on our website which was titled “Probiotics, Prebiotics, & Postbiotics - the latest updates”. This blog post incorrectly stated that there was evidence to suggest that Yea-Sacc, Mycosorb and other yeast-containing products are inappropriate for use in horses, and may even cause gut disturbances in horses.

I have removed this blog post from my website, because I have learned that what I wrote was not correct. In fact, the overwhelming body of scientific research which has been done, as well as decades of experience, shows that:

• Yea-Sacc and other yeast containing feeds are safe and effective for horses; and

• Mycosorb is an effective mycotoxin binder which can be used safely and effectively in horses.

Given the above, I have deleted the original blog post from our website and social media accounts and will not be reposting it.

I unreservedly apologise for any confusion or concern that the blog post caused.

Carol Moreton

The information here is not intended to replace veterinary advice, and as always I'd encourage anyone to make their own equine health care decisions based upon their own research.

All information contained in these pages can no doubt be freely found on the wonder that is the world wide web. Opinions are my own, unless otherwise noted, and when quoting I will always endeavour to provide the source links