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NB. Many of my scribings are ancient so may be out of date now.

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Amazing Adaptogens for Stress & Fatigue


At this wintry time of year, I reckon we could all do with a bit of calm in our days, especially with only 7 or so hours of daylight to cram everything in. Adaptogens have been used extensively in Ayervedic and Chinese medicine for hundreds of years. Now, the rest of us are waking up to Amazing Adaptogens. Read more ...

Winter Breathing


With an Easterly-Beast threatened for next week, or at the very least some seriously flipping cold temps heading our way, our horses’ lungs are going to notice the difference. Read more ...

The truth about fats

24'Oct 18

Fats/oils, and this is a bit of a subject. We’ve been taught to think of fat/oil in the feedbowl as a creator of body fat, but nothing could be further from the truth. Read more ...

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