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Chronic Stress Herbs & The Gut-Brain Axis


We all know that supporting healthy gut function is essential for optimal health, but when it comes to chronic stress we really don’t hear much about supporting brain function. And when we’re talking a chronic, long-term stressed state, one of the most common phrases I hear from clients is that their horse has mentally ‘shut down’, so it’s vital to consider both gut and brain function when chronic stress is present. Read more ...

Cleavers (Galium aparine) - a Spring Drink


Cleavers is a standout medicinal tonic herb, soothing for inflammation in the lymph, nervous, kidney, and genitourinary system. Read more ...

All Together Now


Trust me when I say that the quickest, and most guaranteed, way to develop an autoimmune disorder is to shut down the stomach. Horse or human, feed/eat a C.R.A.P. diet (Carbs, Refined, Artificial, Processed), then decrease the amount of acid the stomach's producing because of the resulting gut pain/reflux, and Boom - one autoimmune disorder in a heartbeat. Read more ...

Herbal Bone Support


This week I’ve had a few enquiries come in regarding peripheral bone issues – we’ve had a client with splint issues, another with ringbone and yesterday a navicular question.

So how can botanicals support bone density? Read more ...

Spirulina may be an effective support for Leptin Resistance


Let me first introduce you to Bilirubin – google it and you’ll read that it’s a waste product formed by the breakdown of aging red blood cells in the body. As it turns out, there’s science out now that shows bilirubin to be a potent antioxidant, protective against an array of diseases (including IR) associated with increased oxidative stress - and a compound in Spirulina mimics this very antioxidant function. Read more ...

A Bit More on GMO's

(and the link to leaky gut, depression and anxiety - sorry, I know that sounds depressing)


From where I sit, one question that comes up is repeatedly is, "What’s causing so many gut issues?" Read more ...

The Bitter Reflex


Historically, bitter herbs have been used as cleansing agents, vitality builders and digestive support, yet from a human perspective, bitter flavours are really tricky to get down. Our horses don’t necessarily agree with us, which is just as well because bitter herbs and spices offer real benefits to improve overall health. Read more ...

Amazing Adaptogens for Stress & Fatigue


At this wintry time of year, I reckon we could all do with a bit of calm in our days, especially with only 7 or so hours of daylight to cram everything in. Adaptogens have been used extensively in Ayervedic and Chinese medicine for hundreds of years. Now, the rest of us are waking up to Amazing Adaptogens. Read more ...