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Abscessing is worrying enough, and repeat abscessing can drive a horse carer to despair. So let’s talk abscessing, and it’s all about immunity.

Nothing's going to stop that infection or foreign body getting in - it's how the immune system deals with it that matters.

"Without nutrition, you're fighting with no weapons. Without a stong immune system, you're fighting with no army."

Our CARE Immunity Programme

If your horse is experiencing non-healing multi-infections, the root cause is, quite simply, poor immunity. The only way to good health is via a strong immunity – in theory, a healthy body has a strong immune system and won’t get sick. If the body’s sick, the immune system is sick.

The only permanent way to good health is via the immune system, and the only way to a healthy immune system is via a healthy microbiome - more on the wonder that is the microbiome on our dedicated Microbiome page - it's eye-opening stuff.

With hoof abscessing, we're looking at two possible causes - either an external assault (thorn or similar), or internal, the causes of which can be anything from poor quality feed to environmental toxins, both resulting in exhausting the immune system over time.

If external, then we need to throw nature's finest antimicrobials at it - see our BioCARE blend. This is what I gave our Carmen for her fetlock joint sepsis - 3-days later and out it all came through her coronet band.

In the case of repeated abscessing, the immune system hasn’t been strong enough to kill off the various bacterium, and as a result they continue to re-multiply back to an established infection site. Not that I’m wishing to imply that any abscessing horse’s system is immunodeficient – they wouldn’t be abscessing if they were, but for sure their immune system won’t be firing on all cylinders, which means their body’s not producing enough killer-army white blood cells (lymphocytes), which fight infection.

The problem is that no matter how well we feed and how healthy we keep our horses, overall we live in a very contaminated world - chlorine and fluoride in our water, crop-spraying, chemtrails, electro-smog – think cell phones and their towers which emit radiation. The air is contaminated and our soil is sick from all the decades of chemical sprays and treatments. And so the list goes on.

Beyond what we feed, this is all beyond our control, especially if we live in a highly sprayed crop area. These are all artificial toxins that us, and our horses, are not even intentionally ingesting. The long and short is that these environmental toxins damage the microbiome, which weakens immunity and damages the gut lining, leading to Leaky Gut syndrome, which overburdens the body’s natural detoxification centre, what I call the Three Amigos – the liver, kidneys and lymph nodes. These three organs are the body’s natural filtration system, and if they’re overwhelmed with toxicity, they become sluggish and struggle to cope. Cue a wide open door allowing infection taking hold.

Which means … we need to clear out the bad stuff and fortify with good healthy stuff, and the only way to do this is by focusing on the health of the microbiome to reset the immune system, alongside heaps of good nutrition and … the magic word, ‘detoxing’, or make that two magic words - Regular Detoxing. More on detoxing on our dedicated Detoxification page.

PS - if a vet's prescribed antib's/bute then the gut/microbiome/liver would have taken a hammering so a detox will be useful to clean them all up.

Update - Sept'21

It's now thought that repeat abscessing is rooted in a relatively newly discovered multi-metabolic disorder named Cryptopyrroluria, aka KPU. Have a read of our KPU page and see if any of it resonates with you.