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  • Quality Assured
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Do you feed micronised linseed and salt alongside your EquiVita minerals? Feel like there's too many supplements?

I know only too well that having lots of different tubs and bags on the shelf is a right old faff, so wouldn't it be easier just to have it all-in-one?

Our VitaComplete range is a complete nutritional solution that provides the commonly deficient levels of the essential minerals, vitamins, amino-acids, sodium and omega EFAs, in the correct balanced ratios, that are lacking in our UK grazing, as required by the equine body (NRC guidelines) for normal function.

VitaComplete = EquiVita + Linseed + Salt

Blended together as a convenient 3-in-1 combo

Just mix into your base feed and Go!


"Buying the VitaComplete would make life a lot easier! Can you confirm the salt doesn’t effect the minerals etc as I’ve read conflicting information? Thanks, Michael"

Hi Michael, so here's a thing. Salt acts as a dessicant (drying agent), and I've also been advised by the Alltech bio team that it can denature certain vitamins, hence why we don't include it as standard in our regular EquiVita balancers. So why are we including it in the Complete? Four reasons:

  1. Clients are regularly asking for it as a bespoke blend and the word is spreading, irrespective of the dessicant effect which I always make clients aware of.
  2. As the feed rate is that much higher than the regular EquiVita range, I'm banking on it not sitting in feedrooms for as long.
  3. All our products are hand blended to order so there's no extra shelf time added to the Best Before date, hence lessening the risk of degrading the mix.
  4. Why do we use coarse salt? Fine salt has a much higher dessicating effect than coarse, plus it blends completely into the mix making the whole product taste salty. My connie, Murphy, won't eat anything that tastes of salt so the only way I can get it down him is to sneak it in via coarse salt nibs. Plus there's less risk of the dessicating effect. Hope that all made sense!

"Hope you don’t mind me asking but is there a reason VitaComplete costs less than the EquiVita?" Emilia.

Hi Emilia, it's all down to the linseed which is a 'straight' feedstuff for horses, and as a result is a low-cost product. It has to be fed at a high rate - min.100g/day which is the measure we include it at, so it's effectively diluting the overall blend right down which brings the cost right down as well. This also means you've got to feed more than the usual EquiVita RDA to get that extra 100g linseed into the feedbowl (all feed rates on labels and website) so at the end of the day it balances out 😉