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  • Quality Assured
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EquiVita & VitaComplete

Forage-Balanced Mineral Solution

Our EquiVita range is produced for us by Premier Nutrition, who are committed to manufacturing safe, compliant feed independently audited by, and certified to, UFAS, FEMAS, BETA NOPS, and ISO 22000, so you can be confident in the product you receive.

27.3.21 - New Improved EquiVita - Vitamin E now included as standard. See our OPTIONS para below ...

First, choose your EquiVita range

* EquiVita - ideal for all-round maintenance

* EquiVita'A' - includes 10g daily Spirulina Algae

* EquiVita'M&S' - for the Mallenders horse (excludes Biotin)

* VitaComplete - our 3-in-1 convenience range - EquiVita+Linseed+Salt

3 Options

* As at March 2021 we've improved the composition of our EquiVita range - easier choice, same price, same quality!

As most horses these days are now permanently on a full or at least partial hay diet, we've now included Vitamin E, the superior natural antioxidant, as standard. Vitamin E is lost in the drying/curing process of grass to hay, plus Selenium needs Vitamin E to work synergistically in supporting cellular functions by protecting cell membranes, proteins, and DNA from oxidation, consequently keeping inflammation in check.

  1. EquiVita - formerly our EquiVita-Plus - ideal for all-year-round maintenance
  2. EquiVita-ProB - formerly our EquiVita-ProBPlus - includes 10g daily Yea-Sacc probiotic
  3. EquiVita-Ultra - as before, includes both Yea-Sacc probiotic & Mycosorb mycotoxin binder

EquiVita Volume Discounts

* 3kg - 5% * 5kg - 10% * 10kg - 15% * 20kg - 20%

- all discounts are factored into the website costings.

Click on the images below for each range, or on the Drop Down link in our Online Shop above.


Our EquiVita range, for cost-effective all-year-round maintenance.

EquiVitaA Range

Includes 10g daily Spirulina Algae for added potent nutrients.

EquiVitaM&S Range

Suitable for the Mallenders/Sallenders horse. Excludes Biotin/Brewers Yeast.


Our 3-in-1 convenience range - our EquiVita mineral selection blended with the micronised linseed and salt RDA. Just mix into your base feed and Go!

Mineral Solutions - EquiVita & VitaComplete