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March Featured Products

Finally February's done - and how many of us had destroyed shelters and fencing?

Storms Dudley & Eunice were bad enough - both flipped our shelters, so once I'd picked myself up out of the mud and raging blindly like a loon into the atmos, and after spending no small sum of cash on getting our shelters fixed, I got our hay man to deliver me 18-bales of 4-string straw to build a wind-break, which thank all the Gods saved us from Franklin. We lost fencing tho, but that was a doddle compared to a repeat of smashed shelters ...

So, with February finally filed away, and while trying not ignore the fact that the 2018 Beast landed on us in this very month, let's look ahead to the month of Spring.

So to March, and it's All-Change - the dormant parasite eggs are about to wake up in the spring sun, and letโ€™s not forget our mares, who know exactly when spring arrives! Then there's the arrival of midges and tree pollens ๐Ÿ˜ , hence why our SwItchTonic is featuring this month.

March is also probably the most important month of the year to be grass-aware with the advent of new spring grass, so our VitaComplete-A features as well, to help deacidify the hindgut for our IR/EMS lami-prone horses.

All-Change indeed, with lots going on, but who's complaining - we're finally coming out the other side of winter, and after the February we've just had, that deserves a large glass of something medicinal - mine's a red ...๐Ÿ˜‰