• Quality Assured
  • Quality Assured

EquiVita & VitaComplete

Why is it so important to feed a forage-balanced minerals? See our Mineral Solutions page for more info.

  • No synthetic minerals here 😉
  • No added iron either. Any iron present is completely natural, predominantly coming from the magnesium oxide and monosodium phosphate, and therefore in the unabsorbable oxide form. See The Role of Iron in the Equine Diet and Iron in the Equine Diet for further evidence.
  • Guaranteed no molasses, fillers, stabilisers, binders, grains, preservatives.
  • Formulated to the NRC Guidelines.

We work closely with the team of registered nutritionists at Premier Nutrition to formulate and produce our EquiVita/VitaComplete range. Premier Nutrition manufacture safe, compliant feed independently audited by, and certified to, UFAS, FEMAS, BETA NOPS, and ISO 22000, so you can be confident in the product you receive, ensuring quality of all raw ingredients, full traceability, and complying with up-to-date regulations.

Our EquiVita / VitaComplete range

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EquiVita / VitaComplete Range

Our EquiVita range, ideal for year-round maintenance.

* VitaComplete - our 3-in-1 convenience range saves you having extra tubs in the feedroom. Includes our EquiVita + Linseed + Salt at the RDA.

EquiVita-A / VitaComplete-A Range

Includes Spirulina, one of the highest protein-rich foods in the plant kingdom, supporting metabolism, muscle building, and an excellent gut mycotoxin-binder and deacidifier, useful if feeding haylage.