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  • Quality Assured

EquiVita/VitaComplete 'M&S '

For the Mallenders/Sallenders horse

May 2022 - We've streamlined our range, with the news that our regular EquiVita is now M&S friendly. Reason being that with the latest 2021 science advising of the potential malabsorption risks in absorbing synthetic minerals/vitamins, and the fact that the gut microbiome manufacturers the vitamin compliment in the 'activated' form required for absorption (and not the inactive form found in supplements), we've now taken biotin/vit.B7 out of the EquiVita composition.

So, head over to our biotin-free EquiVita/VitaComplete page - and any questions, just shout.

Meanwhile, see our dedicated Mallenders/Sallenders page in our Herbal Nutrition by Condition section off the top menu above.

EquiVita/VitaComplete 'M&S' Range - for the Mallenders/Sallenders horse