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EquiVita Mineral Balancers

First, choose your EquiVita range

* EquiVita - standard formula ideal for all-round maintenance.
- includes the MAX.
* EquiVitaA - includes Spirulina Algae for added nutrients.
* EquiVitaT - includes Turmeric for joint/inflammatory support.
* EquiVitaM - excludes Biotin for Mallenders/Sallenders.
* EquiVita Nursery Range - EquiVita-NursingMare & Youngstock

The Options

* Plus - winter deficiencies/ hay in the diet.
* ProB - Yea-Sacc 1026 strain probiotic.
* DTox - MycosorbA+ mycotoxin binder/fungal moulds
* DToxProB - Yea-Sacc & MycosorbA+
* Ultra - the Plus, ProB & DTox options

Click on the images below to select, or for a full A-Z listing of the EquiVita range, see below.

* BSA Clients, also see below.

EquiVita Range including the MAX

Our EquiVita range, cost-effective and ideal for all-round maintenance.

EquiVitaA Range

Includes Spirulina Algae for added potent nutrients.

EquiVitaT Range

Includes Turmeric for joint and inflammatory support.

EquiVitaM Range

Excludes Biotin, suitable for the Mallenders/Sallenders horse.

Nursery Range

EquiVitaNursingMare & EquiVitaYoungstock.

EquiVita Mineral Starter Bundle

- 1kg EquiVita forage mineral balancer
- 1kg Sea Salt (certified unrefined)
- 1kg Linseed (Micronized)