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March Featured Products - 10% Off

No Coupon Code needed! A rotating selection of our monthly Featured Products with 10% discount - see below!

This month we've selected:

  • our SwItchTonic to support our sweet itch horses.
  • our LiverCARE - the liver has been working overtime during winter to keep everything working, so Spring is the time of year to give the liver a boost and reset.
  • our Garlic, as it's so beneficial to feed to horses to support digestion, cardiovascular, circulation and the respiratory system, coat/skin, as well as helping to regulate blood sugar levels which makes it especially useful for our metabolic horses.


It’s March - and it's All-Change!

March is the most important time of the year to be grass-aware and super-vigilant when turning our horses out onto new spring grass after a winter of hay - a huge change to our horses’ diets indicating both laminitis and colic risk.

There're also major changes going on in the mineral chemistry of the grass from winter depletion to spring surges, which will also bring major changes to our horses’ cellular chemistry.

Then there's the midges and tree pollens 😠 and let’s not forget our mares, who know exactly when spring arrives! As the days get longer, their hormones respond by restarting the oestrous cycle, telling them to find a mate 😉

Then there's the parasite eggs waking up in the spring sun. And because worms can have such a dramatic impact on our horse’s digestive health and nutrient absorption, March is an ideal time to worm, followed by a faecal egg count.

Finally, give your horse's poor liver a thought as it's been working overtime through the winter to keep your horse healthy. March is a great time to give it a clean-up and reset.

Lots going on, but who's complaining - we're coming out the other side of winter, and that deserves a WoopWoop!


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